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28 January, 2019 Fully Accessible The app is totally accessible and is very intuitive.
28 January, 2019 Fully Accessible
27 January, 2019 Mostly Accessible I was unclear on several of the buttons at least several ones, and the interface I was confused on a little bit, especially after the first go around with the app. The explanations and help with what I was confused about was resolved, but I think the cross can be relabeled, and I think there was one other spot or two where there are buttons and it does say underneath about buying all tracks for $9.99 but was confused as it is in two places. Beyond that, and it works well. The only other confusion i have is in regards to the tracks, I have to go in to the set first, then select a track. Playing with it made that clear, but that was accessible.
27 January, 2019 Fully Accessible This app is fully accessible, and I've even baught some of the packages with no issues. Thanks for putting out a great app.
24 January, 2019 Fully Accessible fully accessible and verry easy to use
24 January, 2019 Fully Accessible The Detail type picker was initially a little confusing since I expected a double-tap followed by a swipe up or down to select, when it appears one is taken to another screen to select followed by a Done button. Also, I wish there was a shortcut to trigger tag reading like pressing the up or down volume buttons since this wouldn't require having to make sure the read button was tapped on the touch screen. And, if there is a simple way to export a tag's data for external reference, I haven't found it yet (in v2.3); purposes might be to have access to information one has probably already insured is accurate for external reference or research on a device other than one's phone; we don't all take well to web-browsing on a phone.
21 January, 2019 Mostly Accessible I received an Amazon Echo for my birthday, and got the companion iOS app last night. I was able to sign into my Amazon account last night and then again this morning. This app seems to work pretty well with VoiceOver, but some of the options don't appear to do anything such as Preferences. My device was set up earlier today though, and is working great so far.
18 January, 2019 Fully Accessible Just got this app earlier today and love it. I have an NLS player, but figured I'd try this app out and am glad I did. Everything is labeled clearly, and the on-board help documentation is very good.
17 January, 2019 Partially Accessible I find many important elements to be completely inaccessible. The flight search used to work pretty well a few versions ago. But as of the latest release, I am for example no longer able to change how many travelers I would like to search for (it keeps defaulting to one adult plus one child, which simply never applies to me). Neither do I find the search results to be that accessible anymore either.
17 January, 2019 Mostly Accessible
11 January, 2019 Mostly Accessible This app is over all, fully accessible. VoiceOver reports messages in the Inbox, Sent and other folders as expected. It even does a bit better in some areas of reading email than it does in the native Mail iOS app. However, it lags consistently when composing email, specifically there are significant lags in Braille Screen Input mode as well as being inconsistent when navigating by character, word, or line. VoiceOver sometimes reports the item(s) as they are navigated, and it does not report indication of new lines. You can not input new lines within Braille Screen Input.
11 January, 2019 Mostly Accessible The ongly thing inn-accessible with this game for me was the quantum-computing, which requires you to see when the chips are brighter or perfectly colored to generate ops. Everything else is fully labelled.
11 January, 2019 Fully Accessible The app developers have bent over backwards to make this easy to use.
3 January, 2019 Fully Accessible No problems with this app and using it with Apple Music.
2 January, 2019 Fully Accessible I just got this app today so haven't played around with it that much. Once the app was installed on my iPhone, I switched over to my Mac to sign up and configure it. I probably could've done everything on my iPhone, but I was once again in a bit of a rush. However, the app interface on the iPhone is very nice and everything is clearly labeled.
30 December, 2018 Partially Accessible
29 December, 2018 Fully Accessible Just downloaded this app a couple days ago, upon my brother's recommendation. All buttons are clearly labeled, and the music player seems to be very accessible as well. Game notifications are working well when my iPhone is locked.
28 December, 2018 Fully Accessible This app is truly awesome! You can seamlessly input your typing, commands, and all that is needed to play the games. The output of your commands / plays is fully reciprocated with VoiceOver. There are some minor glitches, though. Some games appear to have menus within them, and those are not read by VoiceOver. For instance, typing 'Help' during a game may simply output nothing to the voiceOver user. The screen would then have to be navigated with standard flicking commands, as VoiceOver doesn't automatically read the menu items.
28 December, 2018 Fully Accessible
27 December, 2018 Fully Accessible
27 December, 2018 Fully Accessible
22 December, 2018 Fully Accessible I just downloaded this game and played a round. Everything works great, and you cannot beat the price. Highly recommended for some holiday fun!
22 December, 2018 Fully Accessible
22 December, 2018 Fully Accessible
19 December, 2018 Fully Accessible Everything works exactly as it should. The app works with voiceover on and off.