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24 November, 2018 Fully Accessible voice over is not applicable for this app. it has it's own screen reader.
24 November, 2018 Mostly Accessible Although this app is good, I cannot do the ends and play the games one time for free. I don’t know what happened, but whenever I turn on voiceover, and the game boys says the tap anywhere on the screen to close the add, I can’t. This might need to be fixed, so that others can experiment with the games before trying to buy them if they like them.
23 November, 2018 Fully Accessible This app is a good one. However, I would like to know if all games inside it for free? Whenever I go to one of the games, and go to it’s App Store link, it does not say whether it’s free or paid. It just says “get, “in app purchases. Keep up the good work on this app, and keep improving in when you can.
19 November, 2018 Mostly Accessible
18 November, 2018 Partially Accessible Those controls for browsing different categories and local businesses are mostly accessible, although in some parts of the app standard controls are not being used. Some mothers, such as the box the check that you agree when trying to registering a new account, I was unable to use with voiceover. Also when trying to read a review of a local business, I couldn’t go back to the previous screen. Double tap the back button didn’t work, scrubbed didn’t work, turning off and on voiceover didn’t work;
14 November, 2018 Partially Accessible
13 November, 2018 Fully Accessible I just downloaded this app yesterday, after reading great things about it. The app is easy to use, just as the name suggests. The interface is very nice. I only had time to read through part of a book yesterday, but I really appreciate the wide array of content that is available to us from within the app. Registration upon downloading the app was very straightforward. Thank you Dolphin for giving us EasyReader for free!
4 November, 2018 Fully Accessible Like the original submitter said this app is fully accessible with VoiceOver.
2 November, 2018 Fully Accessible Just downloaded this app a few hours ago. I'm kind of ticked that I didn't have an iPhone at the time of last year's eclipse, but guess I'll just have to wait until the next one happens. Anyway, this app is a must-have in my opinion for astronomy buffs with or without visual impairments. The interface is clean, and everything is very well labeled. I got to briefly check out the Rumble Map and it is very cool.
30 October, 2018 Fully Accessible I love it
25 October, 2018 Fully Accessible It's cool that VO says which directions can be traveled in on any given square of a maze.
24 October, 2018 Fully Accessible
23 October, 2018 Fully Accessible This app is so easy to use and look for things. To me, it's easier to find stuff in the app than on the web site. I highly recommend it!
23 October, 2018 Fully Accessible
22 October, 2018 Mostly Accessible Since upgrading to IOSS 12, the button to actually collect or burry a treasure is not announced anymore by voiceover. This small change makes the app as good as useless for voiceover users. :-(
21 October, 2018 Fully Accessible this is a pretty good game. Voiceover does great, and it's not accidental either.
19 October, 2018 Fully Accessible I just downloaded Seeing AI this morning, and have not yet used all of its features. But I did get a pretty good look at it, and really like it. All buttons are clearly labeled, and the help tutorials are excellent. I for one, kind of expected this app to cost at least a nominal fee given all that it can do. But Microsoft has given it to us for the low-low price of free, and I couldn't be happier about that.
19 October, 2018 Mostly Accessible Some unlabeled buttons in the sleep analysis reporting functions.
16 October, 2018 Fully Accessible easier to use on the watch than the phone.
16 October, 2018 Fully Accessible
15 October, 2018 Fully Accessible
14 October, 2018 Fully Accessible
13 October, 2018 Fully Accessible
10 October, 2018 Mostly Accessible Almost totally accessible. The only hangup I found was the dice picker in Settings. No way to close with VO.
9 October, 2018 Fully Accessible This App is perfect for VoiceOver users