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Description of App

Download and synchronise movie Audiodescriptions in German and enjoy movies along with your sighted peers!

Currently, (November 4, 2015), there are around 174 films (cinema or DVD versions) at your disposal to download a corresponding Audiodescription for. Just register via your social media account or your Email adress, proceed to the films list and choose the one you like to download. You also have the possibility to play the official trailer or read a synopsis to the corresponding movie (in German).
Once the Audiodescription track is on your device, just enter the cinema room and press "Play" inside the App; you will then hear a "heartbeat sound", while the App is trying to sync the Audiodescription with the soundtrack playing in the room, followed by a short double-beep and the Audiodescriber starting to talk.
NOTE 1: The App will not work on its own so be sure to enable Microphone Access during installation.
2: Being late at the screening or leaving the room for a short time is no problem, as you always can tap the "Play/Pause"-button inside the App or tap "Sync" right next to it.
3: To avoid disturbance from other Apps or the phone, you should activate "Flying mode".



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Accessibility Comments

Since this App was designed for the blind, it is fully compatible with VoiceOver and all the elements are clearly labeled on the page.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments

Although all Audiodescriptions are in German, the App works very efficiently on English movie soundtracks too.
As for the headphones, it is best to use earbuds, as you can then have one ear plugged to the Audiodescription while experiencing the movie sound with the other ear.


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Submitted by brandon armstrong on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

hi folks, I hate to be cynical here, but if this app is in german, just how are thought of us who don't speak that language, and who don't know anything but english suppose to use this app, especially here in the states? I don't see any english audio description in this app at all, it's all in german. I would really love if this dev could somehow make an english version for all the english speaking people who use iOS devices. I'd love for something like this to really take off here in the states and in the UK, being as movie reading was a complete flop a few years back.

Submitted by Patrick Hurst on Thursday, November 5, 2015

Dear Brandon Armstrong, dear all,
Unfortunately, I'm not the developper of the App and have tested it as a user, like you. It's true, I wasn't able to find an English equivalent to this, but I posted this App anyway, since from a purely technical and accessibility point of view, it's an App with great potentials.
So, that's another advocacy mission to accomplish for NFB, RNIB, &c., so as to push producer companies such as Sony Pictures, Disney, Warner, &c. towards doing their job and releasing more Audiodescription on their movies.

Submitted by brandon armstrong on Thursday, November 5, 2015

In reply to by Patrick Hurst

this just doesn't go for movies, it goes for cable and satellite providers as well. every one of them, and I believe we should force it upon them to provide this service. if the deaf get closed captioning then we as blind subscribers should get audio description in the same category as the deaf get closed captioning. not only that, we should by all rights have a easy way to access that as well. I don't think we, as a community are doing enough to enforce the law.