iOS & macOS Accessibility Bugs

Welcome to the AppleVis Bug Tracker, a database of accessibility-related bugs believed to be present in the latest public releases of iOS and macOS.

Important Notes

  1. These pages list accessibility-related bugs which members of the AppleVis Editorial Team have personally encountered and reported to Apple.
  2. Some bugs will be specific to certain use cases, hardware or other variables, so it is entirely possible that you may not encounter all bugs mentioned on these pages. For the same reason, it is also possible that you will encounter bugs not listed here.
  3. We make no claims on the completeness and accuracy of any bugs mentioned on these pages. As a small team we simply do not have the capacity to test all possible use cases and devices.

It is important that you report every single accessibility bug you encounter directly to Apple’s Accessibility Team. Listing or discussing a bug on AppleVis may be helpful and informative to others, but ultimately it is only Apple who can make that bug go away. This post explains more on the importance of reporting bugs to Apple and provides some tips on the best way to do so. The short explanation is that Apple can only fix bugs that they know about; the more reports that they have on a bug, the more likely it is that they will allocate developer time to fixing it - and, just maybe, the additional piece of information that you provide might be exactly what they need to find a fix. So, even if a bug that you are encountering is already listed here, please do be sure to report it to Apple.

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