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With NatWest Mobile Banking, managing your money on the move is even easier. NEW FEATURE FOR IPHONE Mobile Banking is now compatible with iPhone 5 OTHER GREAT FEATURES • iPhone customers can Get Cash from your account at any NatWest, RBS or Tesco cash machine without using your debit card. Get Cash limits will apply for this service, including a maximum daily withdrawal limit of £250. The amount requested must be within the daily withdrawal limit for your debit card and that you must have at least £25 available funds to withdraw from your account (including any overdraft facility) • ‘Pay Your Contacts’ - you can now also send money to anyone who has a valid UK Visa card just using their UK mobile number. • Pay bills or people – just set up and make your first payment in Online Banking beforehand • Transfer funds between your accounts • Check your balance and recent transactions • Find your nearest cash machine or local branch • Top up your pay as you go mobile phone and up to four others (service not available on the 3 network) Pay your contacts: We’ve made our payments service better. If you have the app on your iPhone you can use the new ‘Pay your contacts’ service to • Pay someone with a NatWest/RBS mobile app. Payee will be notified by SMS and funds will reach the payee’s account instantly. Sum of all such payments to NatWest/RBS app users in a day cannot exceed £250 per day • Pay someone who does not have a NatWest/RBS mobile app but has a valid UK Visa debit, credit or prepaid card and a UK mobile. You will have to inform your contact separately about the exact amount. This will be a secret between you and your contact. We’ll send your contact a text message notifying them of the payment but not the amount. The text message will have a link to a Visa payment collection site. On this collection site your contact will have to enter the exact amount and their Visa card number. Your contact has 7 days to collect a payment from the day they receive the notification. Funds should reach the payee’s account in 1-2 business days after they have provided their details on the Visa collection site. We’ll notify you by text message when they’ve collected the payment and your balance has been debited. Sum of all such payments to non NatWest/RBS app users cannot exceed £250 per day ‘Pay your contacts’ limits are independent of daily withdrawal and Get Cash limits You must have available funds to send from your account (including any overdraft facility) Thank you for all your feedback on previous versions of the app. It helps us keep improving, so please keep it coming HOW TO REGISTER You need to be a NatWest Online Banking customer to use the NatWest App. New Customers Once you’ve downloaded the App, registering is simple. All you need to hand is your Online Banking customer number, debit card and a couple of personal details. Your details will be verified within 24 hours and we’ll send you a text message when you’re all set to go Not got a customer number? Get a reminder or sign up for Online Banking at Existing customers If you have an existing iPhone app and also want to use the iPad app, we will recognise your mobile number so you don’t need to register again. Simply select option one ‘RBS Group iPhone app’ and log-in using your existing passcode. If you’re having trouble with your iPhone or iPad app please call the helpdesk on 08081 68 29 59. Calls may be recorded. PLEASE NOTE You need to have a NatWest personal account with debit card, be over 11 and have a mainland UK mobile number starting with 07 to use this service. Your iPhone will need to be on iOS 4.3 and above to use Mobile Banking Standard data charges may apply. Contact your network operator for details. By downloading this application, you are accepting the terms and conditions which can be viewed at We recommend that you save or print a copy of the terms and conditions and privacy policy for your records



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Accessibility Comments

Fully accessible, some of the buton labels are a bit strange but its fairly obvious what they do. Sometimes it can be difficult swiping between pages in the app, as although VoiceOver can detect there are multiple pages swiping up and down on text where it says page 1 of 2 for example doesn't work. 3 finger swipes to the right and left usually work for moving between pages, though sometimes you have to flick a bit on the screen and try again if the 3 finger swipe doesn't work.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.

Other Comments

The app has information for credit cards and bank accounts stored on different pages, which can be accessed with 3 finger swipes as noted in the accessibility comments though these sometimes don't work. These pages are different to the tabs along the bottom of the screen which take you to other parts of the app.

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