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Description of App

::: All-New FREE DAILY Crossword Puzzles! :::
* December 2015 Deluxe – ON SALE Now! *
–> Exclusive Penny Press & Dell Magazines puzzles! <–

In addition to Free Daily Crossword Puzzles, challenge yourself with 2,000 ad-free crossword puzzles – Deluxe Sets with Bonus puzzles, Easy, Medium & Hard Crossword Puzzle Collections and more! Also included, a Free Crossword Sampler Collection containing twelve crossword puzzles to help get you started.

Penny Dell Crosswords exclusively features the best puzzles from Dell Magazines and Penny Press, the #1 crossword puzzle magazine publishers. This fun & easy to use crossword puzzle app features Easy, Medium & Hard puzzles plus Free Daily crosswords for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!

Free Daily Crossword Puzzles are ad-supported to help cover the cost of bringing you the best crossword puzzle app. You may choose to Hide Ads Forever with a single in-app purchase or continue to enjoy free puzzles for free without limit.

Deluxe Sets offer 35 puzzles, plus 5 bonus themed puzzles. Complete the included puzzles to unlock the themed Bonus puzzles. Are you up to the challenge of unlocking all 5 bonus themed puzzles?

Crossword Puzzle Collections exclusively include 150 of the best Penny Press & Dell Magazines crossword puzzles. These all-new puzzles range from Easy to Hard difficulty for just the right challenge. These crossword puzzles are designed to be solved in a single session, many offer Alternate Clues, all include free Hints and an option to Show Errors.

• Exclusive to Penny Dell Crossword apps – a second,
alternate clue is available for many Collection sets!
• Want a little more help? Hints are available for
the current letter and the current word.
• Optional Smart Step navigation advances you
effortlessly from one entry to the next.
• Optional Pen/Pencil – Pen when your confidence
is high and Pencil when you’re just not sure.
• Easy to solve using the crossword puzzle grid
or the convenient text entry boxes.
• Show Errors at the touch of a button.
• Make it your own! Multiple settings options are
• Robust Tutorials, User Tips and Helpful Hints
enhance your solving experience.



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Accessibility Comments

This app, while being accessible, has it's quirks. The puzzle grid is invisible to VO. There are edit boxes below the clue and above the keyboard. These boxes correspond to the letters in the currently selected word. For example, if the clue was, "Barking animal", and the answer was "dog", there would be three boxes under the clue. Double tap on the first blank box and double tap D on the keyboard. You are automatically advanced to the next box, so you can then type O, then G.
Depending on how the app is configured, you are then advanced to the next empty word, or left on the last letter of the word you just completed.
Tap the clue to switch between across and down clues. If you double tap one of the letters or boxes under the clue, then double tap the clue, you will be taken to the word that intersects at that letter, and focus is on the new word.
If anyone has questions about how this app works, ask in the comments.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads most page elements.

Button Labeling

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.

Other Comments

I'm hopelessly addicted to this app! My only wish, other than a few minor accessibility improvements, would be the ability to import puzzles from other sources, particularly The New York Times. Still, Penny Dell has more than enough puzzles to keep me occupied indefinitely.

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