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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Description of App

magic music app that composes a unique melody for every single photo.

By analyzing the changes in hues, saturation and brightness, Melodist generates the mode, scale, chord progression and melody automatically, turning every photo into a piece of beautiful music. Elegant animation carrying the emotion of the music is also displayed when playing the music. Combining image, music and animation, Melodist creates a brand-new multimedia art form.

Melodist helps you get incredible inspiration for music creation, allows you to relieve stress, relax and meditate. It also includes a sleep timer which can help you fall asleep with music.

What is Melodist about?
- A creative multimedia art form
- Turn photos into sweet melodies
- Get inspiration for music creation
- Relieve stress, relax and meditate
- Help you fall asleep with music

"Musicians could easily find inspirational snippets to extract and expand upon, and the app’s wandering crystalline melodies are calming enough for effective meditation. " —The Boston Globe

"You’ll love looking back on those vacation photos and hearing your own vacation song." —Brit+Co

Other features:
- 3 splendid animation effects
- 5 high-quality tones
- Play speed adjustable
- Sleep Timer
- Exporting music into audio, video or MIDI file for sharing

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Accessibility Comments

This app is very easy to use and you can do everything included choosing photoes. The buttons are very straight forward.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments

This is an awesome app. I had a picture of me and Anastasia and it sounded very beautiful. It makes music depending on each photo. It is easy to use and there are lots of settings and there are in app purchases but they are cheap and not nessesary to use the app.


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Submitted by Lulu Hartgen on Friday, April 20, 2018

Having about 1300 pictures on my phone, I was very interested to try this. For an inexpensive app I wasn't expecting miracles. I was very hopeful of something interesting though. I've been using an iPhone 8 and the latest iOS. These are my findings. I'd be really interested to hear anyone elses, this is just what happened to me.

On opening the app you are presented with two buttons, both of which seem to take you to the main, take photo or choose photo next screen. However, it is not always easy to make these buttons press. I find that I need several attempts sometimes before either one will work.

When choosing a picture from the photo library, the way in which you are put into the list is very unintuitive. In each album I have tried, I was neither put in at the beginning, nor the end, but somewhere in the middle. Choosing a picture by double tapping on it will produce a "Melodising" message, then a tune.

If you wish to alter the settings of the app, it is difficult, as the tune goes on playing. AS far as I have been able to discover, it will continue playing until you press the "Back" button. I can find no way to pause it. Using the global stop keys starts music from my downloads. Pressing this again stops the music and brings back the photo melody. There is no way to alter settings without having the tune playing all the time, which I find very offputting.

Pressing the settings button will bring up a settings screen, but it overlays it into the animation, which makes the whole issue of latency rear its ugly head. The latency is awful. There is no way to swipe to where the settings begin, you have to explore to find them, often hitting nothing but the status bar.

There are supposed to be in app purchases. I assume these to be additional annimations and, more importantly, additional sounds. I have been able to find no way at all to access these as yet. Clicking on items which seem to be locked just produces nothing. No invitation to purchase. Nothing. You need to press a Close button to exit settings, or when you wish the music to stop and press the back button it will not work. I did see an "Exports" button, that would not work at all. I am assuming it to be an in app purchase, but from where does one purchase it?

Finally, I have tried this app with ten different pictures in ten different albums. The melody I got was much the same, minor differences only, mostly in minor keys. I actually find it quite depressing to listen to, but can see how it could be used for meditation, if the quality is thought to be good enough, personally I would doubt this, and there is a timer with which I have not played.

I really really wanted to like this app. I will definitely play with it some more and see if I get any better results, but my first hour or so with it has left me rather disappointed and underwhelmed. It's a great idea though, and I will keep it because updates might improve it.

Submitted by Melissa Roe on Saturday, April 21, 2018

Hello everyone,
Based on the comments from the previous poster, I've decided to put off purchasing this app. I must admit though, it sounded pretty tempting at first, because I believe this would be a very great idea if the aforementioned issues were fixed. I think it would be a really cool way to connect with the photos in another light.

Having said that, I'd like to add an additional feature to the pot. Maybe it could be an in-app purchase, or not, but this would make the app less restrictive. What I mean is, it would be great if we can locate photos stored on other cloud storage services, like drop box for example. When I'm running out of space on my phone, the majority of my photos go to the camera photos folder on my drop box, since I have the pro plan over there. It would be handy to be able to access those photos, as well as ones currently stored on the phone's library.
Thank you