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Friday, May 13, 2022

Description of App

Legi is a powerful RSS Feed Reader with speech output, "smart playlists", fulltext reader mode, offline mode etc. for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and the Apple Watch.

A RSS Feed reader lets you read blog articles, magazines and news sites much easier and much more comfortable than with a normal web browser. The App lets you subscribe and organize your news feeds, which will be updated fully automatically, so you always have the latest news available within the App. All articles will presented for a comfortable reading experience, but of course the original web view is also available.

Legi is special among RSS readers, because it has a speech output feature. This means the App can read all articles aloud when you can not read these yourself, for example when driving a car, while doing sports and for many other activities where you can't look on your device. The App has a full-featured audio player for the speech output (Play/Pause, skip back/forward, a timeline etc.) which works similar to the one of a music player App. Of course, all remote controls for music (the one from the control center, headphones, or Apple Watch) will work for Legi as well, so Legi can be in the background as well.

The full text of all articles will be presented in a comfortable reading mode, for which you can configure colors, fonts, text size etc. to match your own preferences.

An offline mode makes it possible to read all articles even if no internet connection is available. In addition the App lets you configure when and under which conditions the data is loaded, so you can load most or all of the data using WiFi and less or no data in mobile networks to avoid traffic.

You can also create "smart playlists" to categorize and organize articles independently of the feeds.

Several 3rd-party services to manage your feeds are supported as well:
- FeedWrangler
- Feed HQ, FeedBlur
- FeedBin
- BazQux
- InoReader
- The Old Reader

Also feeds can be saved as favorites, you can export or import your feeds via OPML, you can share articles using the ShareSheet and much more.

The Watch App lets you read or listen to (via speech output) articles on your Apple Watch as well. This is great for all the occasions where you do not have your iPhone with you, for example for all kinds of sports activities



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Accessibility Comments

The app is accessible with some minor button labels missing. The developer is aware of it and is going to fix it which he has also done in the past judging by the hangelog. Currently the unlabelled buttons are found in the Safari web view. Also the action buttons next to list items in some instances, could be moved under activities in the rotor for a cleaner user experience which I'll also inform the dev about. Otherwise, a flawless experience.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.

Other Comments

If you sought to listen to your RSS feeds like an audiobook, this is it. Does what it says in the description and works really well. The RSS feeds can be added in one of the four ways: by manually entering the feed address, by searching for the feeds in an external directory, by navigating to the desired website with the provided Safari view and starting from there or by importing the collection from an OPML file. If you're tempted to turn on the offline mode from the settings, thinking it will let you access your articles while offline, be aware that it will basically limit the app's access to the internet. I couldn't, for instance, add any feeds in that mode.
All the features you might expect are there: sleep timer, per-feed language settings, the smart playlists which are really flexible and let you customize what exactly goes into your listening queue, the ability to switch between seeing and not seeing the article's text on the player's screen etc.
The developer is really engaged, answers pretty quickly and has created some other apps too, which you might like to check out.


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