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Numbers is the most innovative spreadsheet app ever designed for a mobile device. Built from the ground up for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, it lets you make compelling spreadsheets in minutes — with tables, charts, photos, and graphics — using just your fingers. Choose from over 250 easy-to-use functions. Enter data and explore results with sliders, steppers, pop-ups, and intelligent keyboards. Numbers works with iCloud, so your spreadsheets stay up to date across all your devices — automatically. And the Retina display on the new iPad makes everything you do in Numbers even more brilliant.Get started quickly

  • Choose from 16 Apple-designed templates including Budget, Travel Planner, and Running Log
  • View and edit Numbers ‘09, Microsoft Excel, and CSV files; easily import files from Mail, the web, a WebDAV service, or your Mac or PC using iTunes File Sharing
  • Use iCloud to start editing your spreadsheet right where you left off on another device
  • Drag Excel, or CSV files to on your PC to have them automatically appear on your devices

Edit and format data

  • Organize your data with great-looking tables and charts
  • Use an intelligent keyboard designed to enter numbers, dates, text, durations, or formulas
  • Assemble formulas with over 250 functions, including built-in help
  • Create a form from any table with headers to quickly enter data on the go
  • Use sliders, steppers, and pop-ups to easily enter data and explore results
  • Quickly add photos and videos from the Photos app using the Media Browser
  • Automatically save your spreadsheets as you make changes
  • Use the undo feature to go back through your previous changes — even the next time you open your spreadsheet

Share your work

  • Share your work by exporting it as a Numbers ’09, Microsoft Excel, or PDF file and sending it via Mail
  • Use ‘Open in Another App’ to copy spreadsheets to apps such as Dropbox
  • Copy spreadsheets to a WebDAV service or directly to your Mac or PC using iTunes File Sharing
  • Print your spreadsheets on a wireless printer on your network using AirPrint
  • Adjust how a sheet prints across multiple pages in Print Preview; you can also use Auto Fit


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Accessibility Comments: 

I found this app to be accessible and useable with exception of the following issues:Note that these issues have been reported to Apple Accessibility and this list is a shortened exerpt from my original Email.

I would also suggest that anyone wanting to use this app should serious consider using a bluetooth keyboard.

Anyone interested in listening to the audio review I have done on my new podcast should visit my page on the following link:

--  It is possible to navigate across cells horizontally but not vertically.  Flicking left and right takes one through all the cells starting at row 1 column 1 and wrapping over to row 2 collumn 1 and so on, but there is no way to move up or down, just left and right, even with a bluetooth keyboard.  I believe a table navigation option needs to be added to the roter so that one can flick in any direction and move accordingly, or arrow in any direction if using with a keyboard.

--  Inserting shapes in to cells does not seem to be read by Voiceover, that is that the shape is not spoken by Voiceover if it is in a cell. 

--  There should be a better way of selecting a cell to insert in to, that is Voiceover should indicate which cell is selected so that one can then use the insert menu and know exactly where the inserted content is going.

--  The "replace" option is not present on the edit menu for the Voiceover roter for correcting spelling mistakes.  Unlike Pages where Voiceover does at least indicate where miss-spelled words are, this does not seem to be the case in Numbers.

--  When inserting dates in to a cell, a bluetooth keyboard is required to scroll the date fields back on to the screen if they scroll off to either side.

So far these are the only accessibility issues that I have found with this app, beyond this, a user should be able to use this app normally.  Testing however is ongoing.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.

Other Comments: 

I recommend listening to my audio review of this app on my podcast at for more information.