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Audio Memos is a professionally made audio recorder. It has an amazingly intuitive interface, which is easy to use and full of powerful features. Use it in interviews, lectures, music session, briefings, ... and simplify your recording tasks.

The New York Times - "A really useful feature is that the app can automatically start recording the moment it is started"
LifeHacker - "The best voice recording app"
TUAW - "Powerful, inexpensive, and useful"
Apple - "What's hot" section


• Best quality - adjustable to fit your needs.
• Amazingly loud - hear your recordings.
• Background recording - multitask at will*.
• iCloud - access your memos everywhere.


• Email your recordings.
• USB file transfers.
• Append audio to existing recordings.
• Search / Sort / Filter your recordings.
• Variable speed scrubbing.
• Send recordings to a computer using WiFi.
• Records when your device is in sleep mode.
• Pauses automatically on incoming phone calls.
• No time limit on recording length.
• Application lock code.


With Audio Memos, you get an amazing recorder that fits most needs. High end users can then use in-app purchases to extend its functionalities even further. See the "Top in app purchases" section, our website or the in app info screen to get price information for the features bellow.

• Voice activated rec. - stop recording silence.
• Upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote, FTP or WebDAV.
• Insert audio - insert comments easily.
• Position markers - easy navigation.
• Audio compression - email hours of recordings.
• Memo alert dates / reminders.
• Adjustable reading speed.
• Add pictures to a memo.
• Send or delete multiple recordings at a time.
• Edit your recordings (trim, overwrite, merge).
• Timer activated recording.

* recording will stop if another app uses the audio system.

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Accessibility Comments: 

This app is amazing! All but one button was titled with what it was supposed to do and there were no parts of the app that I couldn't access. I contacted the developers letting them know about that one button and they sent me an email telling me that they would be glad to relabel it in the next version! There are a few features that are not super clear and that is mostly with setting up the servers. Go into the main screen and do this: 1. tap "edit" 2. select the memos that you want to upload 3. tap send at the bottom of the screen 4. Tap edit on the top of this next screen 5. tap "server" 6. swipe down to the bottom where it says "add server" 7. double tap "dropbox" or enter your server info and click OK. 8. Go back to the send page and tap on your server name and you will be taken to the home screen and you will either get a message saying that it failed or nothing will happen which means that it worked! For quick use here are where the locations of the important buttons are: On the main screen record is right above the home button settings is to the left and to the right there are 2 buttons right on top of one another. Play is on top and info is below. Record is huge, so play and info are half the size of record. Once you hit record you will be taken to the record screen and the unit will be recording. Pause is to the right of the home button and the level meter is right above the home button. To the left of the home button is the length of the recording. If you hit pause, Play is where pause was and record is to the left of the home button.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.

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If you find any other problems or would just like to thank the developers, use their contact page at:

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