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Description of App

Sony's D-Sappli is a free app that lets you play music anytime you want.
"D-Sappli" also optimizes the functions of the Sony speaker docks.

[Basic Function]

  • D-Sappli lets you make simple settings to the speaker dock function.
  • The Music Play Timer is a function that lets you play and stop music at your desired time.
  • The Sleep Timer lets you fall sleep with your favorite music while the music stops automatically.
  • 7 unique designs available for clock display.
  • The brightness of the clock screen changes by sliding your finger vertically on the screen.

[Sony Enhanced Functions]

  • D-Sappli has more valuable functions by inserting your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad on the speaker.
  • D-Sappli can memorize up to 10 alarms with your choice of the time, dates and alarm tones.

For speaker dock with AirPlay function:
D-Sappli supports network settings, providing a simple connection to a network already connected to iPod touch/iPhone/iPad.

For speaker dock with Clock function:
D-Sappli will automatically set the clock by synching the date/time information from an iPod touch/iPhone/iPad, and let you setup the alarm easily using the touch screen of the iPod touch/iPhone/iPad.

For speakers dock with radio function:
D-Sappli helps you manage preset stations by showing the preset list with editing the name, sorting orders, and changing the frequency on screen.

For speaker dock with Sound EQ:
D-Sappli lets you enjoy the music of your choice with several EQ settings or customizable graphic EQ.

*The functions that are available on D-Sappli will differ depending on the speaker dock model. Please refer to the Instruction Manual of the speaker for further details.


  • Please make sure to update D-Sappli to the latest version.
  • Use the alarm, music timer or sleep timer after while D-Sappli is running.

The timer may not operate correctly when other apps are executed or when the home button or the lock button is pressed.
- D-Sappli is an app for enjoying music.
Playing contents other than music may cause incorrect operation.

  • Deletion of music selected with the Alarm or the Music Play Timer may cause incorrect operation.
  • If you wish to use the Timer function or listen to the music for an extended period of time on D-Sappli, please make sure to charge your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad while you use them.



Free or Paid


Apple Watch Support

Not Known

Device(s) App Was Tested On

iPod Touch

Accessibility Comments

This app proved to be completely inaccessible. When opening the app, The only thing I could hear with VoiceOver was the current date and sometimes, a percentage slider. Changing the percentage slider appeared to have no noticable effect.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads no page elements.

Button Labeling

No buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is totally inaccessible.

Other Comments

When you insert the iPod into the dock, you are offered to download and install the app right then; it is a simple accessible Yes / No dialog. By the general description of this app, it sounds like it offers a great deal more power and control of Sony speaker docking stations.


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