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Meet VOX - a simple, yet powerful solution for all your music listening needs. Either you prefer popular formats or you have an ear for music and only accept lossless audio, VOX will suit you equally well. VOX was originally developed following the principles of clarity, simplicity and versatility. Thus, the minimalistic interface incorporates both essential and unique features, which let you: • Play numerous lossy and lossless audio formats; • Work with different audio sources including custom VOX Playlist, iTunes Library and online Radio; • Keep your listening statistics up-to-date with your LastFM account by means of LastFM scrobbling; • Automatically search for all the missing album artwork from MusicBrainz and LastFM databases; • Open different playlist types including M3U, PLS, XSPF and the popular CUE format used to store CD rips; • Control the player from the main interface, Dock context menu or main menu controls; • Use keyboard media keys, headphones buttons and Apple Remote to control playback (requires VOX Preference Pane); • Easily add music via smart drop zones, ordinary open dialog and Finder context menu; • Use equalizer with presets and custom mode, crossfade, fade on play/pause, converting music to 5.1 or 7.1 format; • Preview album artwork right in the Dock icon; • Convert stereophonic audio in your headphones to binaural using Bauer DSP (BS2B) technology; • Pause playback automatically on headphones disconnection; • Take full advantage of AirPlay (10.8+) to listen from any of your wireless output devices; • Play audios stored on NAS devices and other network drives; • Get system or Growl playback notifications. Equip yourself will all of the audiophile tools with VOX!



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Accessibility Comments

Sadly, this app isn't very usable. First, most of the buttons aren't labeled, but a lot of them do have help tags, so you can usually figure out what is what. A bigger issue, however, is that the lists displaying the playlist and your library just show as "unknown" to voiceover and are completely unreadable.


Some parts of the app are accessible with VoiceOver, but not enough to make it usable.

Other Comments

It's a bit of a shame that this app isn't very accessible as it looks like a very nice iTunes alternative which, unlike Cog, is still being maintained.
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Submitted by themusicman08 on Sunday, September 11, 2016

Vox does work here but, I don't mess with the playlist or the library options. However, I will say that this app you now have to pay for, and is no longer free.
The buttons you have to VO-right or left arrow to access them. But the app does work with Voice Over. But, I do have a question and I'm wondering if someone could answer it for me please.
I have this app and I am able to have the interface right their in front of me. I can command tab away from the player and I can still see it.
I have a friend and she can also command tab from it. So here's the strangeness of this.
The app hides itself and she has to go to the menu extra's to get it to show. Not sure why. I e-mailed the makers of the app and I have not herd a reply. I thought I would ask here. If this is the wrong place for this question, I understand. I am trying to help a friend out.

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