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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Description of App

••• iOS version comes free when you purchase this Apple TV app! •••

Receiver is an internet radio providing access to more than 22,000 radio stations and more than 20,000 podcasts.


+ More than 22,000 radio stations
+ More than 20,000 podcasts
+ Apple TV 4th Generation only.

+ Save the stations you like in Favourites
+ List most popular stations
+ Discover radio stations: genre, region, language
+ Play next song/station with swipe gesture
+ Currently played song title and cover displayed (if available)
+ Airplay Support

Free or Paid


Accessibility Comments

This app is fully accessible. Very easy to use. When you start a station, after about 20 seconds, the screen will change and the current song title, if known, will display. Pressing on the center button at this point will bring up the option to add currently playing station to your favorites.


Fully Accessible

Other Comments

As noted in the app description above, purchasing this app on the Apple TV will also give you access to the iOS app which includes more features than on the Apple TV.

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