2 new iOS games offer full VoiceOver support

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Digitalis have just released two games that have been optimised to take advantage of the advanced accessibility features available on Apple's iDevices.

Your Toast is a card game suitable for all ages. You can compete against friends or on your own.

Animal Pack is another card game also suitable for all ages. Whereas the theme of Your Toast is toast toppings, Animal Pack is all about cute and cuddly animals.

Both game support Game Center to bring you achievements and leader boards. The games come with 3 difficulty levels each with their own leader board and 10 achievements in all to be won.

The games utilise VoiceOver functionality to read out scores and interface components to help a user navigate around and keep them informed of their progress in the game. Also the design takes in account the limitations of these features by basing the scoring on performance not speed of interaction.


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