AI Squared Releases ZoomContacts, A Contacts App for Vision-impaired iPad Users

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

AI Squared announced on Thursday the release of ZoomContacts, an iPad app for the vision-impaired.

ZoomContacts is a “Large Print” contact application for iPad users who have difficulty seeing small text on the screen.  ZoomContacts uses Apple’s internal Contacts database to store and manage information, but offers multiple font size and color combination choices to make it easier on the eyes.

ZoomContacts features a simple user interface with large, prominent buttons that allow the user to select from four different font sizes as well as four color combinations, making the application accessible to those who have trouble seeing small fonts on the iPad. The interface takes full advantage of the iPad by maximizing the screen real estate to present the clearest, most logical view possible.

ZoomContacts is available for $4.99 from the iTunes App Store.

Considering the initial confusion that surrounded the release of Ai Squared's first venture onto the iOS platform, ZoomReader, it is important to stress that ZoomContacts is not intended for those who rely on VoiceOver to interact with their iPad.