An All New Facebook App for iOS is Rumored to be on the Way: Support our Campaign to Ensure that it is Accessible

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Over the past few weeks there has been much media speculation that Facebook will shortly be releasing a major update to its iOS app.

By all accounts, this will be a complete redesign, so it would seem timely to remind Facebook that it has a publicly stated commitment to providing a great experience for everyone, and that this is currently not the case for blind users of their iOS app.

Traditionally, our campaigns will advise the developer of the current accessibility issues in their app, and ask that these be addressed. However, because the new app is rumored to be a ground-up rebuild, we are simply asking Facebook to ensure that any new iOS app is fully accessible with VoiceOver.

If you decide to support our campaign, and of course we hope that you all will, you might still want to mention in general terms some of the issues that VoiceOver users have been forced to contend with in recent versions of the Facebook app. Any one who has used the app with VoiceOver will know that it is most certainly not a "great experience"!

When you click the link below to support this campaign, you will see that we have provided a draft template for the message that will be mailed to Facebook when you submit the form. If you are happy with this message, it should take less than a minute to add your support.

You can find more information about this and past campaigns on our main Campaign of the Month page.

If you are currently logged in to the site, you can simply click here to complete and submit the form

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#1 Typo on form

I just sent my message. I noted wile doing so that the spelling of the word "labeling" in the form needs to be corrected. Here's hoping they listen.

#2 Single or double 'l' are both correct

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Labelling can be spelt with either a single or double 'l'. It all depends on whether you prefer your flavour to be US or UK English.

#3 Don't get too excited...

I read the article on Mac Rumors. I can't say I'm too anxious for the update thanks to this in the article: "Don’t get too excited, though. The new Facebook app looks exactly like the old one. Facebook hasn’t changed the design, but rather focused on speed" So there you go. I hope the speed actually isn't the only thing they'll change.