Announcing the AppleVis Golden Apples of 2012

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We are proud to announce the winners of the inaugural AppleVis Golden Apple Awards.

These awards were launched to acknowledge and reward the apps, developers and products that the AppleVis community rated the best of 2012.

The Golden Apple of 2012 - the iOS or Mac app that the community believes has done the most to empower the vision-impaired - went to Fleksy - Happy Typing.

Fleksy also took the Award for the best iOS App of 2012 and earned Syntellia the Developer of the Year accolade.

The Award for the Best Mac App of 2012 went to YoruFukurou, a feature-rich Twitter client for OS X.

The iPhone 5 was voted the Best Apple Product of 2012, whilst the community's choice for the Best 3rd Party Hardware or Accessory is the Otterbox Defender Case for the iPhone.

We would like to extend our congratulations to all of the winners.

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#1 Thank You!

App Developer

On behalf of the Fleksy team, We would like to say Thank you! AppleVis has been what feels our home away from home, a hub for the community that has supported us since day one. Thank you all for using Fleksy, thank you most for submitting feedback and voicing your opinions and helping us shape Fleksy into a better product. We know better than anyone we are far from over; Fleksy will keep improving in terms of features and reliability, while finding its way to even more users in multiple different countries. Thank you so much and Happy Typing! Regards, -the Fleksy team

#2 Yay Fleksy!

Thank YOU! I had no doubts Fleksy would win but I'm still glad to see the results to make sure hehe. I'm also glad YoruFukurou won. I hope Twitter never changes things so drastically that we lose YoruFukurou. Jealous of all you that have the iPhone 5 haha. I voted for the Mac Mini since it's the new Apple product I got this year. This was fun! Can't wait to see what new stuff comes out this year that will make the ballot for the 2013 Golden Apples.