Apple Releases iTunes 12.3 with VoiceOver Fixes and More

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Apple has released iTunes 12.3 to add support for today’s public release of iOS 9 and the soon to be released Mac OS X El Capitan.

According to 9To5Mac this release includes a number of fixes, including improvements for using Apple Music with VoiceOver:

Also included in the update is a set of bug fixes for using Apple Music with VoiceOver, recently played radio stations not being listed, and “loved” songs on iOS not syncing back to the Mac properly. Apple has also fixed a bug related to the Up Next feature not allowing users to reorder upcoming songs.

You can download the new version of iTunes now through the Software Update option in the Mac App Store on your Mac or from the iTunes website.

Please let us know in the comments of any additional fixes or problems that you encounter in this release.

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Submitted by Troy on Saturday, September 19, 2015

With jaws it appears that jaws is now reading apple music properly and is no longer saying unlabeled button and also gives a description of playlist/station.

Submitted by alex wallis on Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hi all, today I decided to downgrade my ebay app because of accessibility issues introduced with the current release.
so I went into iTunes 12.3, I selected my iPhone then selected apps, at that point I eventually managed to find my list of apps.
However this is where the fun seems to begin, because with both jaws and nvda the names of apps that are actually available for installation on the iPhone are no longer read, instead both jaws and nvda just speak the size information of the app, for example 1.3 mb, followed by the text remove.
I assume the text remove means its an app that is installed on the phone already.
If I tab once from the apps list I see a read only edit which says the name of an app, sometimes when I arrow through the list the text in this field gets updated with a new app name but mostly not.
It appears as though managing apps through iTunes is going to prove difficult.
I haven't scene this issue elsewhere when for example updating apps in my iTunes library.
Oh and the apps used to be identified as checkboxes this is no longer the case now no control type is identified at all.
Can anyone else confirm this issue?
and no installing using the iPhone isn't an option because I am downgrading to an old app version. changing how the apps are sorted also doesn't help with this issue. Its at times like this I really hate iTunes, apple needs to throw away the windows version and start again from scratch its a mess in terms of layout and accessibility.
I have found a work around for the issue, but you do have to be jailbroken to take advantage of it, I installed an app called ipa installer, this app isn't meant for pirating apps at all, its designed to allow installation of ipa files on the device without iTunes, yes it can be used to assist with pirating apps but you need other packages for this as well, and its actually hosted on one of the default repositories installed with cydia the bigboss repository which has a 0 tolerance approach to piracy.
although I am glad I found a way around the issue its annoying I had to resort to this, and a good job I am not on ios9 yet, as then I don't know how I would have got around this issue.

Submitted by walkseasy on Sunday, September 20, 2015

When browsing or selecting songs in large playlists on the Mac VoiceOver stops reading correctly. After somewhere between 75, and 150 titles VoiceOver will no longer read the song title, but will say only column two. When selecting music it will indicate something has been selected. When trying to open the menu to add the music to another playlist VoiceOver reads nothing. This problem has been occurring since the release of ITunes 12.0. Browsing through large lists is not possible. Selecting songs must be done in groups of 50 titles or less. This relates to music downloaded to my Mac not the online ITunes Music.

Submitted by Jessica Brown on Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hi. Downgrade iTunes, then downgrade your iOS app. I think there is a guide or post or something like that somewhere on here explaining how to downgrade iTunes. I think it will be easier if you are on windows but if you are on OSX it can still be done it will just be harder. Good luck.

Submitted by alex wallis on Sunday, September 20, 2015

thanks for the idea, got it sorted out. I don't like to mess with iTunes two much because the last time I did that I had to totally reinstall my computer, as its a real mission removing iTunes because you have to uninstall bits of it in a certain order. My jailbreak method worked OK. Also downgrading wouldn't help those who are on ios 9, would be nice to know if others are experiencing this issue as then if they are I can send something to apple.

Submitted by alex wallis on Sunday, September 20, 2015

I will as well, I am glad its not my computer doing strange things. they need to fix this one as a matter of priority its fine for those on ios8 to downgrade, but once your on 9 or a dedicated 9 device downgrading iTunes is no longer an option so then downgrading of apps will be very very difficult.

Submitted by Neo on Thursday, October 1, 2015

I am using iTunes 12.3 on Windows 7 with jaws. I am having the same issue re not being able to manage and update apps in ITunes 12.3 and you can't downgrade your version of ITunes as thItunes 12 is the only verison that works with IOS9.

Submitted by alex wallis on Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hi, for me updating apps there is no issue, app names can read correctly if you are trying to update individual apps rather than the hole lot, its a case of using left and right arrow keys in the right part of the iTunes main window to go through the list of updates then pushing the update button rather than update all apps button.
however managing apps on the device doesn't work at all with jaws or nvda. App names don't read and apps used to be identified as checkboxes which is no longer the case.
I wrote to apple accessibility, there reply is pasted below, my only question is, what planet are they on? hardly anyone uses window eyes these days, and you must be having a laugh jaws support for iTunes is as far as I know non existent its a case of using it out of the box, and all though there are third party scripts, I have often found they create rather than solve problems.
apples reply begins below, very disappointing I am sure people will agree, I encourage people to write back to apple on this issue.

Thank you for your email. At this time Apple includes support for the Window-Eyes screen reader in iTunes. Other screen readers may require an update. 

If you find that another screen reader is not working correctly, please check with the application developer to see if they have an update for the software. 


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