Apple Updates 'Popular Apps Using VoiceOver' App Store Collection, Offers Accessibility Audit Workshops

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In recognition of World Sight Day and Blindness Awareness Month, Apple has today updated its Popular Apps Using VoiceOver App Store collection.

Among the new apps added to the collection are Facebook, Twitter, Chit Chat, Curious - learn something new every day, and Coursera.

Apple is also now holding specific accessibility workshops for developers. Developers at these workshops are able to have their apps reviewed/audited by Apple's Accessibility Team and receive feedback on how to make them more accessible.

Needless to say, it is wonderful to see that Apple is offering app accessibility audits/feedback; what's even more encouraging is that developers are actively seeking this feedback out. It is our sincere hope that, as more developers become aware of the very real need to make their apps accessible, they attend one of these workshops and make constructive changes based on the feedback Apple’s Accessibility Team provides.

The updated list of the apps in the "Popular Apps Using VoiceOver" collection is below:

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#1 Ibooks?

Hi. Just a question, though I know it's available on the Mac and IOS, why did you list it twice? also, not that it's a huge thing but there's a random * under one of the apps. Not picking on who wrote it, just letting you knwo it's there.

#2 Developer accessibility audits

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Are these free to developres, do we know? I only ask because I'd like to be able to tell a developer of an app more about it if I need to comment on accessibility. Thanks.

#3 Lol, funny they'd put their

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Lol, funny they'd put their apps in there too, even though Google Docs is very much more accessible, to me, than Pages. For example, you can check spelling errors, like voiceover-command-e on the mac, with Google's Doc editor.

#4 Good News is This

Hi. This is good news. Way to go Apple, once more. I hadn't been to the website linked to in this blog post before but it's not bad. I got a Safari error when trying to go in reverse order by headings though. I wonder what voice that is in the video. Never heard it before.