AppleVis 2012 Summer Olympic Games (Event #1)

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So as I am sitting here listening to the Olympic Games on my television. I thought to myself. Hey, let's do an Olympic Games of our own! Who knows? Maybe it would be fun or not so fun. That will be up to you! If it turns out to be successful and people like this then I will post a different event throughout the Summer Olympics!

So what we are looking for are three nominees that will get the Gold, Silver and the Bronze award just like the winners get in the Olympic games. Instead of sports categories I will submit a list of Olympians in a given category. You just comment on which is your favorite winner and at the end of a certain period. The voting will come to a close. At this point I will tally up the counts and give out the three winning nominees! So please no bashing of others votes or cheating! ;)

Use good Sportsmanship! :)

May the odds be ever in your favor!

So here are the lineup for this event:

Lane 1: AT&T Navigator
Lane 2:Garmin StreetPilot
Lane 3:GPS Navigation 2 - skobbler
Lane 4:Kapten
Lane 5:Magellan
Lane 6: MotionX GPS Drive
Lane 7:MyWay
Lane 9: TomTom
Lane 10: Waze – Social GPS navigation, traffic & road reports

(Please ONLY 1 Vote per customer! ;)

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#1 My Vote is...

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Lane 6: MotionX GPS Drive

#2 Best GPS Navigation app

I think MotionX GPS drive wins my vote here. It is quite accessible, and it has a free trial for the voice guided navigation feature. The price isn't bad, and I happened to get mine when there was a discount. It is a yearly subscription, but the cost per year is quite reasonable. Most importantly, it is very accurate.

#3 Lane 6: MotionX GPS

Lane 6: MotionX GPS Drive Also, I would highly suggest you not use the word Olympic. You may hear from the USOC lawyers. They aggressively protect their trademarks.

#4 lane 6

Lane 6: MotionX GPS Drive. This app is great.

#5 Motion X jumps even further ahead!

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I'm also casting my vote for Motion X! Maybe the next category could be something like object identification. Digit-eyes, oMoby, Vizwiz, and some of the other qr code readers.

#6 My Vote: Motion GPS Drive

My vote is Lane Six Motion GPS drive! It is one of my favorite GPS apps and is very accurate! The only drawback is it uses dayta, but I have Sprint, so that does not matter to me because I have unlimited dayta.