AppleVis Launches New App Directory for Sharing Information on the Accessibility of Apple TV Apps

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

We are pleased to announce the launch of an Apple TV App Directory to enable members of our community to share information about the accessibility of tvOS apps to blind and low vision users.

Since the launch of the Fourth-Generation Apple TV, it has been our desire to add an Apple TV App Directory to the AppleVis website. However, we delayed doing so in the hope that Apple would introduce a web-based interface for its Apple TV App Store, as not having this presents a number of issues. Most significantly, there is no easy way for people to retrieve information on an app; and there is no way for AppleVis site editors to check the accuracy and completeness of submitted information.

However, despite some hints that Apple may be working on providing online information on Apple TV apps, we have still to see any firm developments. In the meantime, we have been aware that members of our community are missing out on the opportunity to seek and share information on the accessibility of Apple TV apps. Thus, despite the aforementioned limitations, we have decided to launch an app directory for Apple TV apps—in the hopes that even if the information is not as complete as we would like, it will nevertheless provide value to the community.

The one thing we ask is that when submitting an app to the Apple TV App Directory, users please take extra care to ensure that all of the information is accurate. In particular, ensuring that app names are spelled correctly is of the utmost importance—as there will be no link for users to follow to simply go to the App Store page for the app in question. Thus, users will need to manually search for any apps listed in the Apple TV App Directory—a task made much harder if app names are not spelled correctly.

To submit an Apple TV app to the new Directory, simply go to the same page from where you would normally submit content to the AppleVis website. You will see that we currently ask for less information than is the case in our other App Directories; this is likely to change as the App Directory evolves and Apple makes it easier to retrieve and share information on Apple TV apps.

We appreciate the support and contributions of each and every person who has made AppleVis the valuable resource that it is today, and it is our hope that the Apple TV App Directory will further the AppleVis mission of empowering blind and low vision users of Apple products.

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