The AppleVis Podcast: An Open Invitation To Get Involved

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Most of you will probably have noticed that a few stray podcasts have appeared on this site over the past week.

This is something new that we've been testing, and as it appears to be working, I guess it's about time that I actually mention it!

So yes, we now have an AppleVis Podcast. You can even find us in iTunes.

"Hurrah", I hear you all say.

We all know that podcasts can be a great way of demonstrating apps and iOS features, perhaps even more so for VoiceOver users. Most of us probably also know that there are many people already out there doing just that with some excellent podcasts.

SO, I guess the obvious next question is do we really need another one?

Okay, so the fact that this post even exists probably hints at my answer.

Yes, I think that our podcast can add something to what we are trying to do with this site. I also hope that it can complement what is already being done elsewhere (you know who you are, guys ... keep up the good work).

I think that our podcast can have its own unique selling point (yuck, did I just slip into marketing-speak? Sorry about that).

What I believe will make our podcast a little different, is that we're inviting you all to get involved. Yes, that even includes you lurkers at the back!

Each and every one of you must be able to think of a tip, a guided walk-through or an audio review that would be helpful to other VoiceOver users.

Okay, you're going to need to record the audio. That we can't do. However, there are many apps that will enable you to make recordings directly onto your iDevice (anybody with specific recommendations, please post them as a comment). Once you have recorded your clip, I think we've made it very easy for you to submit the file directly to this site for inclusion in a podcast episode.

I hope that this will appeal to the people who find it easier to talk about something than to have to explain it in writing. Of course, I'm hoping that as many of you as possible will contribute. If nothing else, it will give people a break from listening to me sounding like Marvin The Paranoid Android (I'm not sure how well that reference will travel, but a quick trip to Google or YouTube should enlighten you).

Here's the link to the page where you can submit your audio.

And here's the link to the podcasts that 'Marvin' has already posted <smile>

Please contact us if you have any questions (maybe if you want to run an idea past us before making the actual recording).

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attaching audio to app reviews and guides?

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Is it possible to add audio to app or guide entries? This would make it possible to post text, complete with all the helpful fields that app entries or guides include, as well as use audio to demonstrate what your text talks about.

A neat idea

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That's an interesting idea, and certainly has some appeal.

It would be fairly simple to have this as an option when posting new entries, but that limits it to the original poster. Making it possible for people to add audio to existing entries would be a little more complicated.

I'll need to give this some more thought.

For now, we can simply cross link from content to any related podcast.

And, of course, that reminds me that I didn't do that for the Meanwhile podcast. Doh!


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Hi all,

Just a quick 'bump' of this post to remind everybody that we are keen to hear from anybody who would like to contribute content to our podcast.

If you've listened to the podcasts produced by Jakob and AnonyMouse over the past couple of weeks, you will have heard good examples of the kind of thing that we are looking for ... short guides and demonstrations of apps and iOS features.

Of course, it can be anything else that you think might be of interest and value to other VoiceOver users.

There's no need for dedicated recording equipment. AnonyMouse has been recording his podcasts on a handheld recorder. Another quick and easy option is to use apps such as DropVox to record directly onto your iDevice. Both of these options will create files that can be easily uploaded directly to this site.

So, please do consider contributing to our podcast.


Voices for the Mass

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Indeed. We certainly are looking for anythingthat you may want to record! I encourage everyone and anyone to do so. I believe the more that people contribute the better of variety of podcast we can bring to the table for people to listen to. Between the Nasal sounding Turtle (which is me! :) and the Paranoid Android. We be very happy to hear your wonderful voice on this website. :) Thank you David in making this possible for us to do. I've certainly had a lot of fun in doing this and I would think the same for you! Hope to hear from you very soon!


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Another quick 'bump' of this post. We've now posted 32 podcasts in just 3 months. There's certainly been an interesting mix, and I hope that you are finding them interesting and useful. So, a big 'Thank You!' to everybody who has already contributed podcasts, and a reminder that we are still very keen to get more people involved. If you have an idea for a podcast, please do consider recording it and sharing it here on AppleVis.