AppleVis September Giveaway!

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We are proud to announce our two winners for the August 2012 AppleVis iTunes Gift Card giveaway.  Warm congratulations go out to Cherokee Eagle and Bahzad, who will both receive a $20 iTunes gift card!

We are pleased and excited to announce that members of the AppleVis community have very kindly offered to donate a $20 iTunes Gift Card for September for us to give away to one lucky user of the site.

To be included for a chance of winning the Gift Card, you simply need to post any of the following to the site during the month:

  • Submit a paid app to the iOS or Mac App Directory that hasn't previously been posted
  • Record a podcast for us to share through our podcast feed (Note: Podcast must be accepted for entry into the drawing)
  • Submit an Accessory Review (Note: Accessory Review must be accepted for entry into the drawing)
  • Submit a Guide or Tutorial (Note: Guide or Tutorial must be accepted for entry into the drawing)
  • Write a Blog post and submit it to the Editorial Team (Note: Blog post must be accepted for entry into the drawing)

On October 1, all of the entrants will be entered into a random drawing and one lucky user will be chosen. Remember, the more content you post, the more entries you get.

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quality vs. quantity

In my opinion, using reviews or podcasts that have not been checked for accuracy in order to qualify for a prize could diminish the quality of the information disseminated on your site. If you posted a question regarding how one uses a given app in his/her life you will still get participation yet have healthy dialogue with the intent to educate the masses rather than win a prize. The prize can be randomly drawn for from the participants of that question.

Re: Quality Vs. Quantity

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Hi Pam, We too share some of your concerns. All podcasts are reviewed before we post them to the podcast feed. As for reviews, I am pretty sure they are posted to the site automatically...but only high-quality reviews will be added to the drawing. As for meaningful forum discussions being added to the drawing, I suspect the reason we haven't gotten into that is because it is a gray area as far as what is "meaningful." Regards, Michael Hansen AppleVis Editorial Team

Just my thoughts

I have seen this kind of thhing happen in other venues. Red flags go up when someone asks for quantity rather than quality. I love your site. Thanks for the reply.

My two cents

In my optinion, I think the vast majority of folks will post regardless of what the prize is simply because they either one, have a question, or two, have something to share. It's nice there is a drawing for certain content, but I don't believe including all types of content will preventpeople from posting. For example, I myself recently tested a lot of apps and posted them here yesterday because I wanted to share my finds with the AppleVis community as I have learned a lot here from what others have posted. I imagine that is what drives most people to post, to share their experiences with other VO users as we are in the minority of iOS and Mac consumers. Regardless of whether the app was free or not, it doesn't change my mind in sharing what I have learned. Just because the free apps don't give me another shot at the gift card doesn't make me want to post them. I know when I was first getting into apps I only wanted free ones so I could get the hang of what was useful and what wasn't before I started paying for stuff. I like the fact there are guidelines so that there is a bit of incentive for someone to do a little extra outside the standard post. After all, making podcasts takes a bit more than posting a question. Posting paid apps helps others to better decide what to spend their money on too. Just thought I would share.


I first would like to say thank you to the anonimus doner of the gift card. I enjoied the hunt for music I hadn't planned on being able to buy this month and I have been enjoying the music I decided to buy. I understand what Pam is saying and believe she has a point. I also believe this contest is a good incentive if handled well. It is my opinion that the AppleVis team is doing its best to handle things fairly while preserving the integrity of the site. I tried to provide useful content while striving for quantity in order to increase my chances of winning. Sometimes an incentive like this is just the kick in the pants we need to get going on something that hovers in the back of our minds. At least it was for me. I hope you folks found some good apps from what I and others submitted.

Another thank you

I'd also like to thank AppleVis for the awesome iTunes gift card. I was very happy about the piece of news that was sent to my inbox.

Not meaning to intentionally disparage applevis.

Hi folks, I hope no one took my original post as malicious. I am sure the site team will figure it out to the vest of their ability. I based my above statement on previous experience with similar venues. Thanks all.

Final Week

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Just a friendly reminder that you have until Sunday to participate in the AppleVis iTunes giveaway! This is your last chance to submit something to AppleVis and get yourself placed in to the random drawing! So good luck to you all!