[Closed] A Call for Applications to Join the New AppleVis Podcast Team

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Update, 01/24/2016, 18:00 PST: Applications for the AppleVis Podcast Team have now closed. All applicants will be notified of our decision no later than 18:00 PST on Sunday, January 31, 2016. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all those who applied.

We would like to extend an invitation to members of the AppleVis community to become a founding part of our new Podcast Team.

This is an exciting opportunity for experienced podcasters to share their knowledge and expertise with Apple products with a worldwide audience. The AppleVis website serves as a resource for end-users; assistive technology professionals; accessibility advocates; and app developers, and the provision of high-quality audio content is one of the ways in which we seek to fulfil our mission of empowering blind and low vision users of Apple products and related applications.

As a member of the Podcast Team, you will be involved in identifying and delivering high-quality audio content for the AppleVis website which is relevant and timely; engaging, informative and helpful; and clear and accurate. You will also be part of a community-driven effort, helping to shape the direction and content of the AppleVis Podcast in the months and years to come.

At this time, we are only seeking to recruit a small number of people for the AppleVis Podcast Team. As the Team becomes more established, it is likely that additional members will be necessary to add extra areas of interest and expertise. It is anticipated that the Podcast Team itself will be responsible for identifying these needs and filling them.

There are some basic requirements which applicants must satisfy:

  1. Applicants must have experience creating high-quality podcasts which fall within the scope of AppleVis.
  2. Applicants must be willing and able to work as part of a small team to identify and produce podcasts of high quality and the greatest possible value to listeners.
  3. Applicants must be able to record and edit their own podcasts to a standard which should typically require no further editing by anyone else.
  4. Applicants must be willing and able to operate within our longstanding guidelines for AppleVis podcasts.
  5. Applicants must accept that any of your own podcasts will need to be shared with other members of the Podcast Team and receive their approval for posting to the AppleVis website.
  6. Applicants must accept that, on occasion, we may ask you to redo a podcast or not give approval to an idea. This is a necessary, albeit unpleasant, part of content production, and our motivation is always on delivering the highest-quality podcast to listeners.
  7. Although there will be no podcast production quotas, it is still expected that applicants will be willing and able to produce podcasts on a regular basis.

The Next Step

If you are interested in becoming a founding member of the AppleVis Podcast Team, please send an email to (CLOSED) including the following information:

  1. Links to at least 2 of your past podcasts that you would consider your very best work.
  2. The areas and topics which interest you for possible podcasts on the AppleVis website.
  3. The hardware/software that you would typically use for recording and editing your own podcasts.
  4. A brief statement on what you believe you would bring to this new Podcast Team and the AppleVis community.

Applications for the AppleVis Podcast Team will close at 18:00 PST on Sunday, January 24, 2016. All applicants will be notified of our decision no later than 18:00 PST on Sunday, January 31, 2016.

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Great efforts :)

Club AppleVis Member

I've been waiting for this. I've been waiting to hear this since a very long time.
I'd be more than happy to help the team since podcasting is one of my favorite things to do. So, what are the steps and skills that are required inorder for me to join?
I'd be more than happy to support.

something not covered in the original post?

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Hello Khalfan.
Simply follow the steps above to apply. Was there something missing that you are curious about not covered above?

Done. :)

Club AppleVis Member

Hey scot.
I followed the same steps as instructed on the first post. Everything was clear enough.
Thank you for the great efforts.

what if you haven't ever submitted a podcast

Hi. The subject line pretty much asks the question. What if you're a guy like me, whose never submitted a podcast, does that leave me out since I don't have any real demos to submit? I could certainly do one, and I believe they would be of reasonably high quality. I would have to use Drop Vox on the iPhone to do it, if that's any indication. I did try recording a short demo of Trivia crack Kingdoms just to see if I could still do it, and it came out pretty good outside of a tiny bit of background noise. I would be willing to put up a couple demos to show my work, I'd definitely like to be a part of this. I've been recording tech demos for many years, and have a lot of experience doing it, although sadly my current pc won't let me do it the way I used to back in the windows xp days. I've been on ACB Radio's main menu a few times and have also submitted stuff to Blind cool tech, I know I'm dating myself here guys! LOL! But I'd love to try to get back into the game. If my current podcasting rig isn't up to scratch I'd be willing to assist other people in submitting podcasts, or just being an advisor of some kind, I'd like to do what I can to help keep the Applevis podcast to a good standard. I'm glad you guys decided to do it this way.

Now ... if I would do it I

Now ... if I would do it I would try the following:

1- Recruit a small group responsible for producing the majority of podcasts.
2- Recruit a not - so - small but still small group of reviewers, thhose who do not have necessarily time to make materials but can help ensure that content produced, specially by other readers not the group it self, is good enough or to make rejections when apropriate.
Those group of guys would make the main group life's easier because an external podcast would reach the publication score only if it is good enough thus simplifying everyone's life while allowing that external listenners still are able to record podcasts if they happen to be acceptable or instructing them towards a better work umtil they also become producers.
In a group, there will be folks who prime more for quality, others who prime more for the content and such. In order for it to work there should be a full agreement vote based or something tto decide if a podcast is or is not good enough to be published. A vote based system would also guarantee that nobody will have rejection based on a personal mathers or something.

While I am becoming a good podcast producer (go see www.blindtec.com.br ** in portuguese) I wouldn't have time to produce in a more constant way because of my schedule and my own website requirements but I for sure would be able to help as a reviewer, helping to check from a listenner point of view if a given material is or is not acceptable.


Club AppleVis Member

I've been submitting podcasts since 4 years now and I've submitted my 20th podcast last month, my podcasts aren't perfect as expected, but they are good enough and they are understood. I usually edit my own podcasts on a windows machine running windows 7, I use Goldwav for that and then I upload them to dropbox.
I can definitely edit my own podcasts and other users podcasts if I'm asked to, I'm not the best editor though.
Being a part of the podcast team would be something nice.

happy to help

Hi, I am happy to help with creating podcasts. However, I only have a VR stream. Is this a good enough recorder? What equipment free or payed would you recommend?

Thanks Jeff and all!

I just tried recording a demo of a couple audio games using the drop vox app that Scott Davert mentioned a while ago in his own podcast. It's a great app, but it won't let you record other audio-related apps. It's currently the only way I have to record podcasts and submit them, I simply do not have enough to go out and buy some kind of mixer so I can route the audio of the iPhone into it and record the audio directly. If anyone knows how I can get around these limitations I would be greatful! If I just can't submit podcasts for whatever reason like I said I'd be more than happy to assist others with podcasting.

dropbox app

Hi, what is the name of this drop box app? Thanks

look in settings

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hi Tunehead.
Did you go in to the settings of Dropvox and then disable stopping the recording when you exit the app? If you have sounds on, and VoiceOver, this should work. HTH!

A note to those who are

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

A note to those who are essentially posting partial applications here, just in case there is any confusion, only applications submitted in the way outlined in the original post will be considered at this time. Replying to the topic itself doesn't count.

To Scott

Hi Scott. Yep, Record in background is quite definitely set to on. Here are my settings just so we're all clear. player indicator sounds is on. record in background is on. record in higher quality is on. record on launch is off, since I don't want to start recording til I'm ready to do it. Like I said currently this is the only way I can think of to record a podcast on the iPhone. I have no way to record it on the pc, I sure wish I could.

Hi Tunehead. Maybe the app

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hi Tunehead. Maybe the app will not allow you to record sounds other than VoiceOver? I'm honestly not sure, as I only have used it to record memos and have tought clients to use it for that.

Yeah that's what I'm thinking

Yep, that's what I'm thinking. I was able to successfully record a demo of trivia crack kingdoms with no problems, so stuff can be recorded for sure. It's just that those other apps I tried wouldn't work with Drop Vox running so i'll have to find another app I can demo.

to Tunehead and Scott

Record voice memos to dropvox doesn't allow or support record sounds to the app,
voiceOver can be perfectly record but not external tts voices or sounds like games or blind
That you can try to record those audios is using
and external microphone

None of those choices work, however

None of those choices are going to work for me, however I do have another few tricks up my sleave. I have a book sense, and the recorder on that is pretty good, so I'll use that, and see what we come up with!

If only podcasts producers

If only podcasts producers would be accepted I am not going to submit my application.

If you have room for reviewers I will do it. Do you have room for reviewers?

To Toonhead review the requirement from apple vis

Hi Toonhead
the appleVis podcast team are seeking for people audio producer
unfortunately a book sense is not enough altho this hardware is good to record but you need a software editing as mention above I don't say that only read all the requirements to became member of podcast team
I mention
cause you use windows platform
I copy the point number 3 from the original apple Vis forum
Applicants must be able to record and edit their own podcasts to a standard which should typically require no further editing by anyone else.
I think the point of apple vis team is clear they don't have time to review and listening the audio from the submissions so that's why they want create a audio podcast team that from my point of view is good but with some limitations
#1 most of the apple users have iOS devices but just some of them use Mac XX so if all the members of the new podcast team only use iOS devices, Mac information will be void.
#2 even some members of the actual team they don't have Mac computer or if they have they don't put information.

To tune head

I haven't tried it myself, but I think you can use the audio memos app to record other audio from games or music.
Hope this helps.

A Couple Clarifications

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Hi all,

A couple things I wanted to clarify:

  • We are only looking for audio producers at this time.
  • The application does not specify that one must use a mixer etc. to record podcasts. A well-recorded podcast demonstrating an app where stereo audio wasn't necessary, such as a text game, would not require a mixer in order to be of high quality. The emphasis here is on a well-edited, thorough, coherent podcast that would require absolutely no post-production work on our end.
  • If you believe you have what it takes, please feel welcome to apply but realize up front that application to the Podcast Team does not guarantee acceptance.

in response to Marco

Hi Marco and all
I do have access to many audio editors on the pc. I simply do not have the resources to actually record the podcast on the pc itself. I do not have a mixer to route the audio directly to the recording, as Windows 7 and up's audio chain is different than that of earlier windows versions. I also do not possess an extra sound card with this functionality, so a separate recorder like a book sense will have to do. I can very easily edit it with something like Sound Forge, Studio recorder, etc. I already have one demo recorded, I just have to do my second one and then I will submit my application, hopefully for inclusion on the team. I've been producing and editing audio for many years, so I definitely know what the team expects.

book sense as a recorder

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

HI Tunehead.
If you can edit the podcasts on your Windows machine, this could work. In fact, I recorded the below podcast with a Book Sense because I had nothing better at the time.
It's not that we expect everyone who applies to have professional grade equipment, but we do expect the content to be done in a more professional manor, if that makes sense?


I only have an iPad mini 2 If I get enough practice with editing podcasts I can join the podcast team. What are some good recording apps for the iPad

To split

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

splyt, we truly appreciate your interest and desire to help, but at this time we are not looking to add reviewers only to the new team.