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Awake; head throbbing; vision blurry; is the beginning of where you find yourself in an unforgettable journey that starts small and slowly becomes much, much more. Uncover the secrets of A Dark Room.
A Dark Room is a role-playing game where you start off in a room with a fire. As the game progresses, events will slowly unlock ... soon, you'll have to manage a small civilization, buy buildings and equipment, and venture out into a treacherous world with real time combat (all playable with VoiceOver). There is a very deep storyline and much to uncover in the game - including an alternate ending!
This newly accessible game will have you in suspense as you uncover the mystery that surrounds you. If this sounds like something you would be really interested in trying, this is your opportunity!
The developer behind A Dark Room, Amir Rajan, has graciously given the AppleVis community some promo codes for the app. To enter to win one of the promo codes for A Dark Room, please do the following:
  1. Visit the webpage, http://amirrajan.net/a-dark-room, and read about the development process of A Dark Room for iOS.
  2. Read Amir's article, "Raising Awareness, the Blind use iOS Devices" at http://amirrajan.net/software-development/2013/12/29/if-you-are-reading-this-you-are-not-blind.
  3. Add a comment to this post telling us at least one thing you liked about each of the above articles.  If you do not have an account with AppleVis, you can register for free at http://www.applevis.com/user/register.
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For more information about A Dark Room and to read what others are saying about the game, check out its entry in the AppleVis iOS App Directory: http://www.applevis.com/apps/ios/games/dark-room
So, come light the fire with us!

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A Dark Room

What struck me the most about these articles is the passion he has for both the game itself, and making the app as accessible as is humanly possible. Not only that, the fact that he does everything he can to encourage other developers to make their apps accessible, to me, deserves a huge vote of thanks. I wish all app developers were this passionate!

what i thought

i really liked that he not only mentioned Ios in his article, but he mentioned android and windows stuff as well. furthermore, it was actually accurate and good information. this guy has done his homework and has researched things. really nice article. my user name on twitter is @kyleborah

comment from big R

First of all anyone who would quit their nine to five job just to develop a game takes a lot of dedacation. Not only that but he wants the game to be accessible on the iOS platform. The game took over 100 hours and 70 e-mails to develop. One person didn't give the game a five star rating and he appologizes for that. Twitter name is: thebigr

A dark room, very good articles

I simply like that you get such an insight into the developement of the game. And to take such a risk, without a job or anything and just start what you want to do, I think it's a great way of life. And I really hope it works out. In the second article I like the tips about making apps accessible, things that he found out himself and which are important for other developers. Really well written. Twitter name: Tikki82

so_buk on twitter

Reading how dark room was developed was refreshing. It's obvious that Amir really enjoyed the game himself and had the passion to ad to and compliment the existing version, not trying to totally change the game playing. I really appreciate how Amir included many sources for developers to include accessibility in the raising awhareness article. Several of my friends who are devs ask me questions about this often so I will save this for future reference. Looking forward to playing this game!

What stood out to me

One of the things that impressed me about the development article was how he really threw himself into the development, taking the chance on losing his steady income to pursue his passions fully. Admittedly, much of the detail on this is in the linkthe article, but it still stood out to me. Bravo to him for that. Also, I really was intrigued by how he said how important it is to him that the gameplay be easy to pick up on, since you only get the first play experience once. As for the VO awareness article, I love that he not only described how he found how easy it is to improve VO accessibility, but provided many examples and links for other developers to follow. I also like the spotlight he shined on blind developers out there and the applevis website itself as further resources for developers who care about making their product usable to as many people as possible.

Great initiative

This sounds fantastic. it seems to be a great fun to play through this story. i am sure it will be as enjoyable as it is described. i also appreciate the developer's willingness to promote awareness about making software accessible for the blind users.