Dropbox, Dice World, and Twitterrific Chosen as AppleVis Editorial Team App Picks of the Month for November 2014

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

At the end of each month, members of the AppleVis Editorial Team review all of the apps that have been posted to the site during that month--either for the first time, or where there has been a significant update--and decide which of these they think is the most noteworthy.

The AppleVis Editorial Team app picks of the month for November 2014 are as follows:

1. Dropbox

Updated to version 3.5.2 (now at version 3.6); November, 2014.

"Dropbox lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Access any file you save to your Dropbox from all your computers, iPhone, iPad, and the web. With Dropbox you’ll always have your important memories and work with you." - App Store

From the AppleVis editors: There’s something truly wonderful about well-known tech companies taking an active interest in the accessibility of their products for blind and low vision users. In early November 2014, a developer from Dropbox reached out to the AppleVis community, indicating the company’s interest in improving the accessibility of the Dropbox iOS app and seeking feedback from blind and low vision users. A short time later, Dropbox released an update and also published a blog post detailing some of the company’s accessibility improvements thus far—and also specifically mentioning the AppleVis website and community involvement. We applaud Dropbox’s efforts, and it is our hope to see their accessibility focus extend to all platforms in the future.

Read the AppleVis iOS App Directory entry for Dropbox Download Dropbox from the App Store

2. Dice World! 6 Free Dice Games!

Updated to version 5.0 (now at version 5.02); November, 2014.

"Dice World! Bringing the world together with dice games! Not just one dice game, but Six different games! Farkle, Yatzy, Threes, 1-4-24, Balut.. and PIG! Challenge your friends or random opponents to any or all games!

•100% Voice over Accessible!

***** Inducted into the 2014 AppleVis.com Hall Of Fame! *****" - App Store

From the AppleVis Editors: We’ve long been a fan of Dice World, partly because of the easy nature of the games but more so because the developer has gone above and beyond--time and time again--to make the app completely accessible to blind and low vision users. Dice World was recently updated to include two new games (Threes and 1-4-24), and these two new games also work very well with VoiceOver.

Listen to a podcast demonstrating the two new games added to Dice World in version 5.0 Read the AppleVis iOS App Directory entry for Dice World Download Dice World from the App Store

3. Twitterrific 5 for Twitter

Updated to version 5.8.2; November, 2014.

"The first app of its kind on the App Store, Twitterrific is the award-winning, elegant Twitter client that's easy to understand and a delight to use. Browse both mentions and direct messages directly from your home timeline. Customize fonts, avatar sizes, image thumbnails and more via the theme panel. Quickly respond to tweets, change accounts or view conversation threads with minimum effort using gestures. Robust VoiceOver support means Twitterrific is accessible for users with vision impairments." - App Store

From the AppleVis editors: New in Twitterrific 5.8.2 is a feature allowing a VoiceOver user to perform a two-finger double-tap on a tweet to quickly view the conversation thread. At a time when developing third-party Twitter clients is becoming increasingly less viable, we continue to be impressed by The Iconfactory’s continued commitment to making Twitterrific both accessible and intuitive for blind and low vision users.

Read the AppleVis iOS App Directory entry for Twitterrific Download Twitterrific from the App Store

Did We Miss Anything?

What were your favorite new apps and updates for November 2014? Let us know in the comments!