Extra Extra, Read all About it: the NLS Bard Mobile app is on its way!

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The national Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) has submitted their app, called BARD Mobile, for approval to the Apple App Store. Neil Bernstein, who works for NLS, estimated that it could take 1 or 2 more weeks for the app to be approved which would get it in to the hands of NLS patrons. The app, as indicated previously, will support the reading of braille files through the Web Braille service when using braille displays. it will also support the playback of the encrypted audio files on iDevices. Eligible readers are those who are US citizens who also qualify for other NLS services. For more information about applying, please see The NLS Application page
Once released, be on the look out for a podcast reviewing all of the features and functions of this app. Will the app live up to its anticipation? As someone who was beta testing this app, it is my opinion that it will in many ways. I hope that this will be the springboard to expand other NLS services, but that's another blog post for another day. For now, just be on the lookout for this app and an associated podcast.

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#1 Ok. one question. I'm already

Ok. one question. I'm already a member of bard, so I'm guessing I ue my info to sign in? I guess we'll see, but for now I'll just assume that I will use my bard credentals to log in and register the nls bard mobile app correct? I fyou cannot answer this I respect that and will wait to read instructions on the bard page.

#2 using the bard iOS mobile app:

There is no sign up for the app needed. just follow the instructions on the app's page when it is released. in the meantime, make sure you have some materials at hand because you can load them through iTunes

#3 we better not have to use itunes

just saying if this is the case that you have to use itunes for this. i will be very disappointed. itunes is such a royal pain in the you know where.

#4 For a mac user iTunes is very

For a mac user iTunes is very easy to use, almost too easy. All you would probably need to do is go to the apps part under your devices, then go to the app sharing section, choose the nls bard app and then click add to add the what ever it needs. Again no sweat and was hoping that would be how it works.

#5 i'm not on a mac

while i don't have a mac, the windows itunes isn't so bad. i just don't like itunes in general. the fact that i have to use this external piece of software to manage the content on my device and its the only way to do it. let alone the fact the itunes is very restrictive. and if your not careful. oops. there goes all your content. lol. i'm exaggerating, but still...

#6 Lol. Yeah it's a pain but I'd

Lol. Yeah it's a pain but I'd rather have restrictions then someone bricking their phone because they removed somethign they were not suposed to. lol! and maybe they can implement the usb phone drive programs to import in to the nls app one day but for now itunes is the way to go any time. lol! Take care.

#7 Did I miss something?

Did I miss something? Last I heard we were going to be able to download the books through the app. The only thing is we were going to have to get on the Bard website and anthem Park's to our wish list then download them

#8 I would imagine ...

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I would imagine you could download it directly from the app. And, as we all know, I am never wrong about anything. LOL!

#9 i would hope

while if it is itunes, i'll just have to deal with it and suck it up, but one would hope that they would have come up with something more engenious than just having to use itunes. i really wouldn't mind downloading things to my iphone. even though i do only have the 16 gb.

#10 iTunes

I really hope they come up with another way besides iTunes. While it's usable and I know how to navigate it, I've been close to that "oops, there goes most of my content" moment in the past. It's only a partial exaggeration when you're new and just learning iTunes, Lol.

#11 the bard app.

Unless my memory has failed witch is very possible, I seem to recall one will be able to add content to your wish list. Then the bard app will be able to access your wish list and the books will download strait to your iDevice. Bookshare doesn't use iTuens and if I recall the bard doesn't wish to use iTunes as well. Remember thing may have changed from what I seem to remember or they have moved forward how their app will work. I hope I'm right. If I am wrong, I won't use iTunes nor the app. For those who know me I don't like iTunes at all. Remember this is my opinion and mine alone. I have to many devices to read books on so it won't bother me to use my new Victer stream second generation. I hope I'm correct. Have a great day everyone. From big R.

#12 Remember though if you are on

Remember though if you are on a 3g connection, you will be limited in the dl spped so if nls mobile bard lets you dl from your wish list, which I also hope it does, but itunes will be a lot quicker, if you dl from your wishlist at the walmart for example you are goign to be there for a while as if you are not connected from a wifi connection you cannot dl as fast as wifi. I'm just letting those who don't knwo these things know so nls bard doesn't get complaints about how slow 3g is. lol! Hope that helps, somewhat.

#13 Having to use iTunes

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Hi. Randy and John Muoio are correct. You will also be able to browse and download the newest aditions to each format of material such as newest braille books or audio magazines. I hope this helps.