Fleksy - Happy Typing Once Again Makes History

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An incredible bit of news just hit the wire today--so huge that we wanted to let you know about it ASAP.


The incredible folks that created the biggest innovation to come to touch-typing for the visually impaired community--Fleksy - Happy Typing--released a statement today announcing that the app is now FREE.


Not only has the incredible team at Fleksy revolutionized how we type on a daily basis, but they have also been chosen as the AppleVis Golden Apple Award for 2012.


They have shown such commitment to our community that it is almost bar none to any other app of its kind. We salute you Fleksy for what you have done in the past, in the present, and for the future.

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Thanks a lot for your App Store reviews, tweets, feedback messages, support, and advocacy. To read more about why we did this, see here: http://blog.fleksy.com/post/43160706356/state-of-touch-typing-fleksy-goes-free

Want Fleksy integrated in to future IOS?

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If you would like to help the Fleksy team in asking Apple to consider integrating the Fleksy with in the IOS as a keyboard. All you need to do is the following:


1) Bring up the Menu2. Locate the Fleksy in other apps? button. Now just double tap on this3) Now search for the Sample email to Apple button. Now just double tap on this4) Modify in how you like to send Apple in your own words or just use this sample that Fleksy has provided.5) Once you are ready to send. Just find the Send button and double tap on it.6) That's it!

I am so doing this!

I don't know if Apple will take notice, but who knows? It would be nice, but I'm not holding my breath. I'll still be sending off that email, though. I hope they take notice if enough people send the email. Thanks, Shersey

Shady move from a shady company

As I said within the app discussion thread, this is actually underhand and i'm surprised more blind people aren't bothered. First, they decided to take us as research by firstly over charging for the app then reducing it, then making it entirely free. Doesn't anyone think this is really quite shifty? I understand that the company wants to adopt this as a platform but to treat the VI community as a walking cashbox to do it is really quite bad. I'm certainly not considering this developer again for any of they're future projects, not that Fleksy was all that great anyways when I did try it. Either way, if you are a confident braillist, BrailleTouch is much better and worth the money. I'm sure that they won't pull a stunt like the Fleksy people but i'm sure if they do, I won't consider them either. This teaches us all the value of blindness specific applications doesn't it?

email apple gone?

so, I followed the instructions to send an email to apple, but I don't see that button there. I just see review, read more, and later. Was it removed? I just downloaded the app about an hour ago. Also, thanks for the app, its amazing.