The Future of Fleksy in the AppleVis iOS App Hall of Fame

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Update 6 Feb, 2014: This vote is now closed. The decision of the AppleVis community was that Fleksy VO replace the original Fleksy app in our Hall of Fame.
The AppleVis iOS App Hall of Fame is a collection of fully accessible apps that showcases the hard work that developers put into making apps that are both very good at what they do and completely accessible to users who are blind.
As many users will be aware, Syntellia - the developer of Fleksy - has recently released a version of Fleksy specifically for VoiceOver users.  The app is called Fleksy VO - For VoiceOver Users, and it is available from the App Store for free.
Today, Syntellia released an update to the original Fleksy app, Version 2.2, which -based on our testing - appears to have dropped most VoiceOver support.
Currently, Fleksy Keyboard - Happy Typing is a member of the AppleVis iOS App Hall of Fame.  However, given the recent changes in the app's accessibility, we feel it is time to reassess Fleksy's place in the Hall of Fame.
This would normally be a straightforward process where the app would be suspended from the Hall of Fame for a period of time, giving the developer a reasonable amount of time to correct the accessibility issues in question. If the issues were not corrected, the app would be removed from the Hall of Fame and would have to be voted back into the Hall of Fame at a later point if accessibility was to improve.
However, given that Syntellia has made Fleksy VO available with full accessibility, the decision is less clear.  As the apps in our iOS App Hall of Fame were selected by the AppleVis community, we felt that the best thing to do would be to put the options on the table, start a dialog, and let all interested users take a vote on the following options:
  1. Suspend Fleksy Keyboard - Happy Typing's place in the Hall of Fame for three months.  If the accessibility issues were to be fixed within that three-month window, Fleksy Keyboard - Happy Typing would automatically be reinstated into the Hall of Fame.  If the accessibility issues in Fleksy Keyboard - Happy Typing were not fixed within the three-month window, the app would automatically be removed from the Hall of Fame and would need to reenter through the normal voting process.
  2. Replace Fleksy Keyboard - Happy Typing in the iOS App Hall of Fame with Fleksy VO - for VoiceOver Users.
  3. Remove Fleksy Keyboard - Happy Typing from the iOS App Hall of Fame and consider Fleksy VO - for VoiceOver users in the normal nomination/voting process.
To help inform your opinion, you should read this recent blog post by Syntellia, in which they clarify the status of Fleksy VO and state that their long term goal is “to offer one app on iOS that meets the needs of everyone”.
Please note that you will need to be a registered user and logged in to see the voting form contained in this post.
The vote will close at 10 PM Pacific on Wednesday 5 February.

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I can see how this might be a

I can see how this might be a tricky one, but I think respect to the developer for actually thinking of us and not just making the original app unusable. They actually took the time to create a completely new version that is completely useable so I think the old app should just be replaced in the hall of fame with the new one.

Response from the Fleksy team

App Developer

Hi there, I think it's about time we go on record and respond to the Accessibility community about Fleksy VO, the Fleksy Keyboard app, our SDK, and all the concerns we have been receiving about our commitment for accessibility. Rather than writing another, more extensive blog post, we think it is better to go on record and answer your questions directly. We are arranging an interview with Jonathan Mosen, and are encouraging all participants of this forum to send him questions for us via the form at We have asked for a challenging interview, and we hope it will help explain a lot of things to the accessibility community, which we have sadly upset. Please watch this forum for details of when this will air, and send Mr Mosen your questions for me. Thanks Ioannis Founder and COO @fleksy

Follow Up

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For those that may be unaware of what Ioannis is talking about. You can feel free to read what Jonathon has written at: I Uninstalled Fleksy Today, and Want to Tell you Why


I agree with what was posted by John Newton; I too feel the original Fleksy app should be replaced with the new one.

Please Be Sure to Vote

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Please be sure to cast your votes in the area at the end of the blog post, as this is what we will be using to determine the status of Fleksy in the Hall of Fame when the voting period ends.

Accessible Fleksy Tweak

I'm with the other posters. Fleksy is still concerned about accessibility, and I think the devs don't quite understand how sensitive the blind are to the feeling of rejection, being left out, betrayal and so on, things we often experience just by living in a sighted world. I have a request to make of the Fleksy developers. I really would like to see an accessible Fleksy tweak. Maybe you can't replace Apple's default keyboard on unjailbroken devices, but you could make a tweak that would replace Apple's default keyboard. Have it only work when Voiceover is enabled and you won't lose much money at all, and you could put this whole thing behind you in a jiffy.

Separate, but equal?

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I am uncomfortable with Syntellia’s decision to divide Fleksy into one product for the sighted and one for VoiceOver users. Even if this change is for the short term, it is a disconcerting move. “Separate, but equal” is a step backwards. In 1972, my college roommate told me stories of how when he was a child, he was not permitted to use the city swimming pool nearest to his home. Instead, he head to tap his way a couple of miles further to use a swimming pool reserved for non-whites. He shared memories about separate restrooms and drinking fountains, and separate seating in theaters and buses. Even if implemented with the conviction that “Separate, but equal” is meant to really offer equivalent or extended services, “Separate, but equal” is never equal. “Separate, but equal” still implies that one group is so different from the other that they cannot be mutually served. I would suggest that Syntellia, the developers of Fleksy, stay on their original track, to have one product, that serves all of their customers. And, I would suggest that their SDK absolutely incorporate the excellent support for VoiceOver so that other products developed by other companies would also be accessible should they incorporate the extremely useful Fleksy keyboard. I very much appreciate all of the work that went into Fleksy and I am always happy to pay for really useful tools like this very clever and accessible keyboard. I hope Syntellia reincorprates the entire Fleksy app into a singular product as soon as possible. That would send the right message.

This vote might be a bit too soon

After reading the blog post from Jonathan Mosen, I also take this problem more seriously now. However I wouldn't want to reach a final conclusion before hearing the interview that they are planning. these developers have been very engaged and involved in this community from the beginning, and that earns a higher level of respect and patience. With almost any other developer, my vote would be simple. But I want to hear them out. Can we please extend the voting deadline, and perhaps make it possible for people to modify their vote?

my goodness!

i wish my little brother were never born! i'm sorry. the developer did make a fatal mistake. they should have create a new version of software, call it fleksy ii or something and left the original fleksy alone, instead of creating a new version called fleksy vo. just imagine the difference it'd have made.

Seems a waste of life, but

This post and the comments seem like a massive waste of life to me. except for one thing, I wonder if the developers have used this community to develop this product and to gain good will, only to drop it at the first chance of turning a profit or being bought by someone else? Let's face it, there's no money in making apps for the Blind - you only have to look at all the bitching and moaning about the cost from early on. I personally don't use it because I don't need it, so I don't care.

I agree with JT

Maybe I'm just too layed back, but even after reading Jonathan's blog, I just don't understand why this is such a big deal. They've provided an accessible app, so the hall of fame thing seems like a no-brainer to me; just replace the old with the new. I voted for that yesterday. Like JT, I have no desire to use an app like this, so perhaps I don't even have a right to contribute to the conversation, but I honestly think that folks are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Again, just my opinion, for whatever it's worth.

Echoing the other two posters' comments.

Hello all. I'm all for shelling out money to an app that helps you. I never liked the idea of flexy and thought it unremarkable, so chose not to buy it. I wouldn't even use the free alternative they've come up with, again like the others, i don't use it so maybe i to don't meet the need to contribute to the conversation. The astronomical price of $15 in the U.s. App store, also led to my distaste of the app. I say whatever works for the community at large but personally I'm not voting as not using anything resembling flexy I don't have a leg to stand on. My views only, Siobhan

Just My Opinion

As someone who was an original beta tester and spoke very positively about Fleksy and their original commitment to accessibility, I am very saddened to their decision to create separate apps for the blind and sighted. While this decision makes me think of different bathrooms for different racists, I feel this decision really takes inclusion and accessibility backwards. My question is if Fleksy plans to have individual apps incorporate their technology in to the app, which keyboard are apps going to go with the one for sighted Fleksy users or the one for VoiceOver users. What really annoys me most is Fleksy used the blind community to build this app and help make it a success. I hope that invitation to the White House wasn't because of accessibility. A really bad decision by the development team at Fleksy. I am interested to hear Jonathan's interview with them.

Fleksy VO shouldn't replace regular Fleksy in hall of fame

Hello, In my opinion, Fleksy VO shouldn't replace the regular Fleksy app in the Applevis hall of fame. This is because Fleksy VO isn't staying for ever. Its just an old version of the Fleksy app with a different name. Its a temporary fix until the regular app is accessible once again. It was either this, or making us wait for an accessible version of the app with out any alternative. Fleksy is no longer targetting blind people only. They're a mainstream app, so they have to take sighted people under consideration as well. They have to improve the app, to keep up with their competition, even if that means that they have to release an alternative, while accessibility bugs are being fixed in the regular Fleksy app.

My Thoughts

Club AppleVis Member

My vote is to replace Fleksy with Fleksy VO until the regular version has its accessibility issues addressed, at which point the regular version can reassume its place in the hall of fame. This is essentially what Fleksy VO is—a temporary solution until the current codebase can e updated with a more permanent one. I think suspending Fleksy is unfair to the developers who were kind enough to provide a temporary solution, even if it isn't an ideal one, until they can get their bugs worked out. They could have been like a lot of developers who tell us to wait until the next version which "hopefully" will have the problems addressed, without providing any support in the meantime. I appreciate what Fleksy has done, even though I don't use the app personally, and am saddened to see so much criticism over this.


I will warn you now, this is a rant. So, first of all, we are blind. that doesn't mean we get things for free, or people should change things just for us. It just means that we can't see, and we use voice over. I agree that politely asking a developer to make an app accessible is ok, but don't complain if they don't. There's not many of us, and in some, actually most cases they would have to rewrite the whole app. Also, they probably don't even know what voice over is. Yes, most of us will work with them, but we have to put ourselves out there to work with them. Most devs probably won't ask directly for help. You have to offer it. I know int he campaigns setion they gave out a link to the aessibilty part of apple, and I liked this. I'm not saying that all of you who contact a dev about an app are wrong for doing this, or are doing something wrong, my point is just that we can't expet everything to go our way. We can't expet them to hange things for us just because one or even ten people need it. Sometimes the app an just be figured out like the last version of slaker. I had no problems with it beause the app was usable. You just had to look at the labels, and count. There were three labels, then three unlabeled buttons. this was consistant throughout the app, just try things. I figure out that those labels went with those buttons. They didn't need to fix it. Seond, is flexy. Stop omplaining! Just because they made two separate apps doesn't mean we're being segregated or anything. It just means that it was easier for them to do, and made more sense. Personally I won't omplain as I never use the app. I don't need it, I'm fine with touch typing. It's a lot easier. But back to my point. they actualy took the time to create a whole new app that we could use, for free, when maybe about 100 people will use it. They don't get money for it. Which brings me to my third thing. Complaining about the price of an app. I saw this with tap tap see. The app was free since they put it out, then they had to make it so you payed to use it. Why? They needed to. I would rather pay for an app that will help me, and I know works, than have a free app just because people are complaining. We don't see sighted people complaining about app prices. Why? because they seem to understand that its necessary. I'm not saying that all of you complain about prices, but from what I saw with tap tap see, it was a lot. We are blind. That doesn't mean we're entitled to free stuff. Some of you will say that you can't pay for it, well, that doesn't mean it should be free. Some sighted people make even less money and they don't complain. They wait until they have the money and in the mean time, find a free alternative. I just had to say all of this beause I've seen this happen a lot more. I'm sorry if I have offended anyone or anything, but this is just my opinion. And, I'm sorry about the spelling mistakes.

The Fleksy Debate

Hi all. I was just wanting to put my thoughts down about the state of the Fleksy app. Let me begin by saying Fleksy was and is the tipping point that persuaded me to finally stop using my Nokia with Talx and upgrade to the iPhone. It is an amazing development and as someone who used to code before I lost my vision I can totally appreciate how much of a technical achievement it is too. It would be fantastic if Apple would integrate it into iOS but as yet they seem unwilling to do so but the new packs that Sintellia have released means we might see it in our favourite apps in the meantime... or will we? As you all know, the latest update of the app is a non voiceover compatible version and we have been told to download the Fleksy VO version in the meantime. This is basically a downgrade for voiceover users at the moment until the developers allow themselves time to work with the third party developers to get Fleksy running properly in their apps. I know this has left a sour taste in the mouths of the voiceover community for many. The first are minor gripes, in that you have to reset your favourites once you start using the VO version and also the dictionary isn't instantly available either, if at all although it does say it is. IPersonally, I think the main reason the voiceover community are up in arms is because the app was originally aimed directly at us and, let's be honest, when it came out it wasn't cheap. It was £10.49 in Scotland, and $9.99 in the U.S. and there were some people put off completely by this. However, I was not as I knew it would unlock a door to using a touch screen phone at the same speed as my sighted peers. So way before it was free, the voiceover community were thrones that paid for it and gave the developers the shot in the arm that has helped them grow in size and reputation, not to mention all the awards etc including The Golden Apple award from this site that snowballed the more general public's awareness of it's existence. I haven't voted on whether to suspend Fleksy from the Hall Of Fame as I can't decide which way to go as it is still easily the most frequently used app on my phone. It's just the feeling that n ow that they appear to have a larger market to aim for it seems Sintellia have taken their focus away from where the roots of the app came from and who it was aimed at. In conclusion, I hope no matter which way the vote on here goes, this is just a blip and once the third party integration problems are solved that we can get back up to using the most current version and be on a par once again, assuming they don't leave it as two separate apps in the future? And if they are brought together as one again, will there be more dictionary, favourites etc set up required again? Only time will tell I guess. Please let me know what you all think and here's to more happy typing in the future...

let's see

"As you all know, the latest update of the app is a non voiceover compatible version and we have been told to download the Fleksy VO version in the meantime. This is basically a downgrade" how do you know it's a downgrade? have you examined the code? does it perform poorly for it's main function, i.e., typing? or since the main version contains thing we don't need or otherwise not compatible with vo, is't then considered a downgrade? like i said before, if they just created a new version called fleksy ii and left the original fleksy alone, would the reaction be the same? hell, you might not be aware of the existence of fleksy ii for a long time. they need a new marketing exec, that's for sure.

My thoughts on fleksy and Where I stand

Hello all. I have been looking over this entry, and I have some thoughts to share. For one, I myself am using Fleksy, even to type this comment. Many of you have complained about the separate app thing. To put it honestly, what is the big deal? So what if they are separate apps? The developer made the vo one for a reason. They put forth a lot of effort to make Fleksy usable for us and this is the thanks they get? They could've said screw you and not even bothered with this, but they didn't do so. They didn't have to make these accommodations, but they did. I read Jonathan mosen's blog on Fleksy and I have to disagree with him. Go ahead and remove the app if you want, but you will be missing out on a wonderful typing experience. I understand that most may disagree with me and I can't make you all take my side. All I ask is to please show the developer the respect they deserve. I feel that the complaining and protesting could give the blind community a bad name. Its these negative attitudes that push hard working developers away. Do you really want that? To the members of the Fleksy team that see this, hats off to a wonderful job well done. I will continue to use Fleksy for as long as I'm able to.

Re LaBoheme... It is a

Re LaBoheme... It is a downgrade as if you read the information it is basically a re release of an older version. So, I'm pretty sure each upgrade since the version we are now using has stated even more accurate typing, hence we are now slightly behind. I don't knock the developers for their work at all, it is still the most used app on my iPhone and without it I wouldn't have bought said phone. I'm just making the point that maybe they have shifted their focus a bit since the app's inception. Time will tell, but I just wanted to voice my concern.


People are overreacting to this just like so many other times. I'm constantly amazed at how fast people will turn on a developer in a situation like this. Fleksy could easily just have said we blind people should take a hike but instead they gave us another useable option with an explanation of their plans for down the road. What could people want? Sometimes separate is better. I'd rather have a different app intended for VO users than a bloated app for everyone full of features I care nothing about. This doesn't make blind people second rate, just people with different needs. I think everyone needs to put their keyboards down for a minute and take a deep breath. We still have Dleksy and guess what, the world is still turning. Let's wait and see what happens before we collectively freak out.

this whole separate, but equal thing

This whole situation is really sad because no matter how you slice it, people are going to complain. The Fleksy team offered us Fleksy VO, which might be an earlier version of the app with a new name, but come on people, the thing works and does what it's supposed to. Imagine for a second if they hadn't offered us that. If they'd offered up an update with no accessible alternative, I guarantee you some of you would be yelling and screaming about how they did that, and the angry comments would go on for days. So they offer an accessible alternative and some of you *still* complain. Sheesh. If I was the Fleksy team I'd be pretty disgusted. It's not the best situation but as for me, I go with what works, I don't care if it's a blindness-specific app or a mainstream one. If it does the best job and I can get work done faster, it doesn't matter to me. I've seen such angry comments on this and other blogs and I'm pretty disgusted at the moment I can't lie. If you remove Fleksy the only one you're hurting is yourself. Give these guys a break.

I'm trying to hard to understand one small point.

Hi all. toonhead, good along with others who basically said, calm the .... down. Personally as i said I don't use flexy, the price being a big problem for me to get past, whether i had iTunes credit or not. What i don't get is, why do the developers act as though they've done something wrong? They as toonhead put out did give us something, whether or not it works for you, it's a choice. I havent' read Johothan's blog, I probably will. But why should the developers feel like they need to take the blame on accessibility when tye did what they could for however long that will be until they can fix or improve what's out there? Clearly, if this app were so great, reading mos tof the comments had soured me on ever trying it.

between the two apps

Hi all, I have used Fleksy since the day I brought it and yes I did pay 15 quid for it but to be honest that really didn't matter to me because once I started using it, I was typing away. Regarding having two apps now, and since the original one states to use the VO version I'm not particularly that up-in-arms about it. Echoing some other people's sentiments what would you rather have? An app that works with accessibility or one that doesn't? The way I see it is that the app as of all apps/programmes are tools at your disposal. You use whatever tool is required for the situation at the present time and just something to note hear well a couple of things actually. 1. I saw on this foarem that people claim that this is a "downgrade." I myself am actually inclined to disagree with this and I'll tell you why. If you can remember before Fleksy got split into two versions, in the one app the team added the two finger swipe left or right to change to numbers/symbols and in the first VO version this was missing. Then they added this functionality into an update a few days later. So I would call this an upgrade. So I myself wouldn't say that they aren't listening to accessibility far from it I think they are paying attention. Adding to this, As far as I could tell, from what I saw in just the stand-alone app's functionality wasn't any different to the VO version so one isn't missing anything at the time of this writing anyway. 2. Something I'm not sure have been over looked is that when you open the normal app, it states to use the VO version while they work on there SDK whatever that means and it mentions that are "working hard to resolve Voiceover issues." This implies to me that there are urgent issues with Fleksy itself with Voiceover therefore, they have released a Voiceover app in the mean time until such issues can be resolved. So until that time comes hopefully all the code and alike can be merged into one app that is the way I read it. 3. I don't know if anyone has noticed this possibly not because I am making an educated guess here that most people are running IOS7 Well actually, the VO version goes back a long way in what IOS version is required IOS5 something I believe. In contrast, I don't think the original version went this far back. I commend the team on this because its probably one thing to keep an app current with the latest OS but another to insure backward compatibility. I'm just trying to keep an open mind here guys and stay optimistic. Sometimes, things have to get worse before they can get better. Also, writing to developers, in a constructive, sibyl, respected and professional manner is far more better than just snapping like a fiery dragon and complaining all the time. Sure, one is entitled to complain but in a way where it is complaining but not complaining if that makes sense. For myself, I use the app everyday and will continue to use Fleksy and will respect whatever they have for us as a community for the for seeable future. Thank you all for reading Daniel

A polite reminder

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Before things get too heated, we would like to remind everybody that we will not tolerate personal attacks or offensive language. Naturally, we do not ask or expect you to necessarily agree with everything that gets posted to the site. However, we do ask that you respect the right of others to have opinions that do not match your own. If you cannot be respectful towards others, then AppleVis is not the place for you.

Just a thought

Instead of uninstalling Fleksy, you could go to the app store and give it a 1 star rating and review. I also think that we should be using the same app as sighted people. It doesn't seem right when before they had it accessible and now it isn't. It seems like Fleksy developers got the recognition that they wanted in the beginning, and now that they have more people knowing who they are, they feel like they don't have to make Fleksy accessible any more. Would people be alright if Amazon made a Kindle-VO? Just my thinking. Thanks, and go Broncos!

Nothing is perfect

As others have stated, at least we have an accessible version temporarily. I would probably uninstall it if they did not put out an accessible version at all. I would like to see the accessibility implemented in the main app permanently, but at least we have something for now. One thing to remember, they made this app free and development can come at a cost. Although I believe blind people should have equal rights, sometimes in a matter like this, that notion can get carried away. At least we have something for now, it would be worse if they did not consider our needs at all. If they did not consider our needs and made the app totally inaccessible, then I could understand when people say that they are separating us from the sighted if they didn't bother to put in the extra work to make it accessible as they once did. But, to say they are separating us from the sighted just because they made a VO app temporarily is a bit rediculus in my opinion. However, I disagree that we have to accept some apps being inaccessible, with the information out there, developers should look into the process. The developer of Fleksie at least made their app accessible, and noted their plans. If they break accessibility entirely, that might be a different matter, but I think we should give them the time to see what happens before criticising.

I'm throwing them all away.

That's right off to the garbage it goes no more iPhone no more iPad after all the mainstream only has to tap once to open an app.

You joke, but...

One genius once told me that he didn't want to have to tap twice and flick left or right like a blind. No, he wanted to be just like a sighted person and tap once - so that's why he used and Android phone! I'd like to be just like a sighted person myself, I like to be able to see!

Personal views of Fleksy and replies to some comments

First of, I would like to say to me it is not a big deal. I was one of the first people who purchased the app but never used it after a month or so. It could be because English being my second language, and me trying to spell a word was at times way off. And when looking at my choices, I was suprise that one of those choices wasn't. "What the F did you meant to type?". lol But I found Fleksy not to be for me, though I ended up purchasing a second copy of the app for my G/F. And she loved and loves it. She has been able to take full advantage of the app with composing emails, iMessages, etc. Now, about 2 versions of the same app. I don't see the big deal about a blind specific version, specialy if the developers will combind them into 1 in the feature. We must remember that the iOS version was developed with the blind in mind since we can't see the keyboard to type. And the Fleksy team did not hide this fact. So, it was because of all the beta testers that made Fleksy the app that it was before this whole thing came about. But now, if you follow tech, you saw that last year Fleksy was moving away from blind users and targeting the sighted community. When they appeared on CES 2013. Those demos given were on main stream products trying to sell it to the sighted. When beta began on Android, people broke NDA and started to post podcasts on how Fleksy wasn't fully accessible on Android and when the official Android app came out. The app isn't accessible at all. So, when the people of Fleksy decided to make one app to be the same across platforms. One version had to have a bigger influence over the other. Unfortunately Android's version won over. But instead of the developers leaving it alone, they as some of you stated. It seems as Fleksy rolled back to an accessible older version for FleksyVO. And if that is the case, as long as it gives the same functionality that you users know and are use to. Why complain, if the new features may be benefitial to the sighted then to the blind. I agree that it should be where we ought to be given the choice to use or not the new features. But as long as a version of Fleksy is used, I welcome the VO version until the main stream version is fully accessible. Which brings me to the App Hall of Fame, it is a great thing to have. But if main stream apps are to be included in the hall of fame. You will always run the risk of apps breaking accessibility. Thus making the Hall of Fame kind of look at it as a joke. If it will have a revolving door where apps can be put on and 2 months later taken off just for the next month to be put back on. And then having the cycle repeated. I say change the whole Hall of Fame, and just have kind of like a list of the top 10-100 favorite apps voted by the community. So, if one breaks accessibility it will move down or off the list. Just to have others that made improvements to move up. This is just a thought and suggestion. Thanks for reading.

a call for calmness and a suggestion for the future

I first think the technoshouting at each other went a little high. I want to put forth my thoughts for the future of Fleksy. I was one of the original beta testers who put the app through its paces, and I am a little disappointed to see this change made. However, as a programmer, I realize that this was the easiest way to make sure all groups could use the app with which they were familiar. Like it or not, sighted people have been using this app too, and they are a market that should have its view given credence as much as our own. Asking for preferential treatment is wrong. However, simply taking whatever is available without protest is also wrong, and so I present a suggestion for a unification effort. If both versions of the code can be shipped together, the Fleksy app should check whether VoiceOver is running to decide how to run itself. I know this is possible because that was the manner of using the menu before direct touch was included. This would result in no problems for either market and would result in no issues with favorites or dictionaries. This would solve all problems, and even the SDK could allow both customer bases to use the keyboard. Does anyone have an opinion on this program?

More Involved

I really like the concept. What I'm wondering, though, is if there is more involved...surely the developers would have done this if they could have?

Jonathan Mosen’s interview now available

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Jonathan Mosen’s interview of Ioannis Verdelis is now available at: It’s a good listen and answers many of the questions raised in this thread.

I refuse to vote. This is

I refuse to vote. This is because all 3 options are too strong and hasty a response. Personally, i think that the best course of action is to just wait and see how fast things get fixed.

To fast

Why do we have to rush out and replace it? I don't mean to be rude, but why not wait and see what happens? Sorry if I come across as mean, I just think this is going to fast here.

A recognition of accessibility and excellence

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Cat, as it stood, we had an app in the Hall of Fame which was completely unusable with VoiceOver. In the absence of any firm indication of when this was likely to change, leaving the original app listed in the Hall of Fame would diminish the significance of induction and be a disservice to the many developers who strive to ensure that their apps remain fully accessible. As it was a community decision to induct Fleksy into the Hall of Fame, it was appropriate that the community also decided on what to do now that the originally inducted app was no longer accessible.

Disappointing developments

I was one who voted to replace Fleksy keyboard with Fleksy VO in the hall of fame. After hearing the interview conducted by Jonathan mosen, I thought this was the best way forward. After today, I'm not sure anymore. I've finally had the opportunity to test out an app using the Fleksy SDK. The client called Happy is in all respects a very accessible piece of software. (This reminds me that I need to see if Happy is listed in the directory yet, and add it if it's not already there. )Anyway, I had no reason to doubt that the Fleksy keyboard within the app would be equally accessible. To my surprise, when attempting to enable this feature, I was taken to the app store to download Fleksy Keyboard. I decided that there was no harm in having both versions of the software installed, so went ahead with the download. Just as within Fleksy Keyboard itself, turning this option on within Happy made the keyboard quite unusable. My vote for Replacing one app with the other in the hall of fame was based upon an understanding that the functionality would be equivalent, just with a more accessible interface. Fleksy's single greatest appeal is the ability to use this keyboard from within other apps, and this is a feature that we are not currently able to use. I still have every confidence that the developers will eventually bring us back to an equal footing in due time. The interview leaves me with absolutely no question at all on this point. However, while the situation is currently unbalanced, I personally think the hall of fame entry aught to be temporarily suspended. Another reason why I did not originally vote for suspension was that three months seemed like too short of a time to allow for this to be worked out. I think they should have 6 months to rectify the problem and regain their spot in the hall. Those are just my thoughts though, it's up to the community to gauge how important this might be to us.