A Great Giveaway for Fans of Old Time Radio

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Update: all the promo codes offered in this post have now been claimed.

We have a great giveaway for fans of US radio dramas from Yesteryear.

We recently posted a podcast about the Vintage Radio iOS app, and to thank us for this the developers have given us a number of promo codes to pass along to users of this site.

Four thousand episodes come preloaded on the app and in-app subscriptions offer access to a further 34,000 episodes to open up the whole history of radio broadcasting from the golden age - listen to tens of thousands of the best episodes from the most popular shows broadcast in the 30's, 40's and 50's. Gunsmoke, Fibber McGee & Molly, Lights Out, The Jack Benny Show, X-Minus One, just to list a 5 of the 550 programs offered.

More information on the app and the shows available can be found on the developer's website at: http://www.vintageradioshows.com

If you would like one of the promo codes for the app, simply post a comment below telling us why you like Old Time Radio and which of the shows you would most like to listen to.

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Historical Reference

I'd say that the window into history is my favorite reason to listen to old-time radio. From the commercials for products (you don't get ad campaigns like those anymore) to the implicit or explicit reference to events, social mentality, and people, these shows give us a rich view into life of the early-to-mid twentieth century. That all being said, I'd have to say that my guilty pleasure of radio shows fall in the mystery and suspenseful categories. In fact, if I had to name one (and I realize that it's a bit over-used) I'd say "Suspense" is my go-to.

Old time radio

I particularly enjoy old time radio for a few reasons. First, since this was radio, it is often much easier to follow than most of what is available on television or DVD. No need to hunt around and hope the program has a version with video description. Second, less commercials than television. Finally, it's cleaner. You don't get the fowl language and so on that fills much of today's entertainment. My favorite shows include a suspense program called The Whistler, and The Lone Ranger.

favorite oldtime radio show

My favorite Oldtime radio show is Fibber McGee and Molly. I find oldtime radio to be very soothing as a blind person. I'm not missing out on any visuals as I am entertained. And, the way the actors talked back then reminds me of my grandparents.

3 gone, but still some left

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That's 3 of the codes now claimed, but we still have a few left, so be sure to post a comment if you would like one of them.

Sam Spade!

I am a huge fan of old time radio shows. It's like accessible TV to me. While I enjoy thrillers and drama and comedy, it's the detective stories I get the biggest kick out of. Sam Spade is the toughest to find on the net, and I'm always looking for more adventures with Sam and Effy.

Old time radio

Hello. I use old time radio as a teaching tool. Some of the shows talked about current events of the time. It is also a good way to spend a chilly afternoon with the family.

Radio drama

Well audio drama for me ,is like a portable tv and I enjoy listening to audio drama more than watching tv One of my fave shows is of course Sherlock Holmes


I like the lone ranger

I don't need a promo code, but I've got encouraging news

Hi. I just purchased the full version of Vintage Radio a couple days ago. In fact, I even subscribed through the app at the monthly price of $1.99. So I won't need any kind of promo code. However, I was having a particular issue with the app, in regards to adding radio shows to a playlist. You can see all the shows available, and you can create a playlist and even name it. But you can't, as far as I'm aware, actually add the shows to a playlist. The help says what you can do is drag the show in the list over a bit to reveal the add to playlist option. So far from what I've seen, VoiceOver doesn't speak that button and I haven't even been able to find it to be honest. So, I wrote to the developers, and they say that they'll try to implement an easier way of adding shows to a playlist. I also asked about the possibility of a button that'll allow you to listen to all shows in a series without having to create a playlist. For example if you really like a show and just want a quick and easy way of listening to a bunch of shows back to back to back that should be a pretty easy thing to do. The program is accessible other than that part so if you have the app and want to see these changes made, write to the developer and ask them to be implemented so you can access everything. It is nice to know some developers like the guys who make this app, and Steve of Oo Tunes fame are actually really open to suggestions and improovements and don't just say they'll do it and then turn around and do nothing. I'll keep a watch on the app and hope that these improovements are made in the next version.

Hi, I love old-time radio

Hi, I love old-time radio myself. I would say that my favorite genre back then would have to be the mystery and suspense as well. One in particular that I can think of off the top of my mind is the shadow. It is a very very good show. I love Margaret and the person that plays the shadow I forget his real name. Even back then, the acting, music and suspense was just awesome! I love how, back then, the commercials were read to you like notices I love the shadows Way of fighting crime. Sometimes it was humorous. Sometimes it was serious.

Old time radio

Hi. I really enjoy the Quiz Kids and Frontier Gentleman. And Suspense radio shows.

OTR is the best!

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I certainly do not need a promo code, and wouldn't take one in this regard since I'm an AppleVis Editorial staff member. I already purchased the app. However, I'll say that audio dramas are a lost art in this country. The uniqueness of audio dramas is that the listener and creator have to meet each other somewhere in between in terms of imagination in a very different way than books or any other media format. A book requires you to imagine the voices of people in your head as you read and sort of build a character based on the text. Movies and TV shows often times require little to no imaginative component. Audio drama walks a fine line between these 2 extremes, which makes it all that more special to me. I'ts nice to have an app like this to be able to carry some shows with me on my iDevice without having to use iTunes to sync content to my phone.

the shadow

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As to the actor who played the Shadow, it would depend on the era from which the shows you've heard has come from. There were 3 different actors who played the Shadow: Bill Johnston, Bret Morrison, and Orson Welles. Most likely, you heard Brett Morison as he played the Shadow for the longest which was for 11 years. Least likely would be Orson Wells, as he only played the Shadow for the first couple of years of the show in 1937 and 1938. Ok, the OTR nurd is leaving the building. LOL

Old Time Radio

Hello All: I am sort of a new comer to Old time radio. I have worked my way through Drag Net and the Adventures of Superman. I really enjoy seeing the points at which the shows intersect with events in the real world at that time. For example, there is an episode where superman participates in the Battle of Brittan, and many other episodes encouraged listeners to donate to the war effort. It just amazed me that the war effort had such a strong impact upon the entertainment of the time. I really wish that a lot of material from WWII, and prior to the thirties had survived, but studios really didn't think about preserving shows for posterity. If I win the competition, I would listen to Abbot and Costello. If anyone wants to see a great documentary on the history of radio, check out Ken Burns "the Radio". It is available on Netflix.

My favorite

I love old time radio shows because of the theatre of the mind effect. It is the same reason I love table top role playing games and works of interactive fiction. As for my favorite programs, I love The Lone Ranger and The Shadow.

old time radio; I wish I had been alive then

I also like the older radio shows better than the new ones, especially those with a comedy element to them. I should definitely try this app, and will do so even if we don't have any more promo codes. One reason I like the shows from before is that I find newer shows to contain more rough content and less actual funny conversation. Instead of cracking jokes, making sensible remarks, and so on, the new shows I hear on television seem to have more of a "this would be rather serious in real life, but this is television so the person actually survived..."

All codes now gone

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Many thanks to everybody who expressed an interest in one of the codes. The last of these have now been claimed and will be mailed out shortly. Unfortunately we don't have enough codes for everybody, so our apologies to those of you who missed out this time.

Redeeming your code

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Phillip, Open the App Store app on your iDevice and go to the Featured tab. Near the bottom of that page you will will find a 'Redeem' button. Double-tap on that and then enter the code on the following page and double-tap the 'Redeem' button on the top menu bar.

Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the code! I just redeemed the code this morning and immediately started listening to the shadow! I love this app very much! I am wanting to put the shadow and a few other things in my favorites list, but that right now is completely impossible! Unless there's something that I'm not doing. There is not an add to favorites button or anything.

I've always Enjoyed Old Radio

Ever since my childhood days when old radio shows would be replayed on current local radio stations, I found many of the dramas and mysteries to be fascinating and enjoyable. I especially like the mystery shows like Escape and Suspense the best. The Amos and Andy comedy show to be among the funniest programs to listen to. It's good that this era of programming is being preserved and made available.