Bluetooth OnOff: the latest round in the Apple vs innovators game

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When I heard the news of the recently released $0.99 Bluetooth OnOff app, an application which allows iOS users to turn bluetooth on and off quickly without going to Settings/General/Bluetooth, some thoughts came to my mind. First and foremost, I hope Apple doesn't remove this app from the App Store as it's quite easier to alter a feature like Bluetooth this way without delving into Settings. I also hope to see the same official apps for the WiFi and the Airplane mode switch. After all, it's not easy to rationalize how doing this is against the concept of "consistency" which Apple has tried to promote and implement over the past few years in iOS. Along the same lines, I'd very much like to see official call recorders, call blockers and SMS filtering apps in the App Store. The absence of these apps is a shortcoming for the iOS.

Second, I might be wrong, but this app which hasn't yet been removed from the App Store might be the beginning of a radical shift in the way Apple verifies and sometimes arbitrarily rejects applications. It hasn't hurt me per se, but I understand how it can stifle app development or innovation and steer away some developers. In the meantime, you may want to hurry up and grab this VoiceOver-accessible app before it bids goodbye to the App Store -- if it ever happens anyway.

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#1 Innovators lose

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It looks like the innovators lost, as Apple pulled Bluetooth OnOff from the App Store just 6 days after it was approved.This article makes interesting reading on what this decision might tell us about Apple.

#2 It's either back or...

it never was pulled from the UK store. This is the best app I've bought this year. Why Apple doesn't have this functionality already is beyond me.

#3 BluetoothOn.Off

Hello. this app called: BluetoothOn.Off Genius Creators. is still available on apStore for $.99 and was Updated recently on June 14.

#4 Bluetooth Enabler

Hi, There is also an app called bluetooth enabler, which does the same thing. It allows two pared devices to chat with one another via bluetooth. I don't remember if it's free or paid, but if paid, it is only .99 like above.

#5 Bluetooth

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Well, I'm a bit confused and maybe late for the party. I downloaded the Bluetooth On.Off as suggested from above. It turns out to be some Bluethooth Chat program. However, it does offer a connect button. Which I double tap. Lord behold it did turn on my bluetooth. Nice but when you Disconnect it doesn't work at all! It keeps the bluetooth on. So I end up having to turn it off through the settings. So I did some looking on Google. I found the original mention of the Bluetooth On.Off back in late April. However, that particular app is no longer available in the States. So I'm guessing this a different one from the original or they had to make changes to it to have it back up in the appstore providing some compromise version which doesn't work worth a bens! The Bluetooth Enabler and Bluetooth Manager are no longer can be found in the States iTunes appstore either. So if anyone find another one similar to the original Bluetooth On.Off please let me know! Meanwhile, I don't recommend the Bluetooth On.Off by this Genius folks. Unless, of course I'm doing something wrong? I mean there is only one button that says Connect and then it will turn to DisConnect. Once connected it looks like you can chat with people through this app. Strange. So any advice is welcome.

#6 Bluetooth Enable Disable

The app I bought earlier this week from the UK app store is called Bluetooth Enable Disable. When you first download the app, it does have a conect button and a seemingly useless chat feature to - just like the On Off app this post was originally talking about. However, the beauty of Bluetooth Enable Disable is that you can check a setting that means the app toggles your bluetooth setting and then automatically quits - meaning it is really useful and easy to use as a single double tap on the icon toggles your bluetooth on or off. Hope this helps. JT