iPhone 5 is here to capture a chapter from the history of cell phones

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If you didn't know that Apple was supposed to unveil its latest iPhone a couple of hours ago or in case you had no clue about the new features in its accompanying iOS 6, perhaps you belong to a different planet! Seriously, now that Apple has introduced its 4-inch iPhone 5 with much fanfare, it wouldn't be odd to argue that it'll be remembered in the history of cell phones many years from now. As cynical as you might be, you might contend that it can be said about each and every iPhone. However, while each iPhone release receives a great deal of limelight, not all iPhones necessarily enjoyed that iconic status. Just remember the iPhone 4S which hasn't been able to get rid of the somewhat disparaging "iPhone4 copycat" epithet. Well it might truly deserve that, but let's move on.

On the other hand, fast-forward to 2012 and you'll see iPhone 5. It's what Apple needs to attack the likes of Galaxy S III and what users like to see in a modern 2012 handset. After all, defeating Samsung just in court isn't enough to woo customers or even maintain previous iPhone users. The iPhone 5 offers a 4-inch Retina display with a resolution of 1136x640 pixels (326ppi), 100Mb LTE connectivity, and dual-band Wi-Fi. It's thinner -- 7.6mm and lighter -- 112 grams than its 4S counterpart. Yes, with its A6 chip which brings a 2x improvement in CPU and GPU performance, it's just 112 grams -- quite unbelievable! Though its battery capacity is still unknown, it would be logical to assume that the battery offers more juice as dictated by the requirements of the new iPhone. Also, it introduces a very small dock connector which is 80 percent smaller than the previous connector. Finally, while it uses an 8MP camera, it's 25 percent thinner than the one found in iPhone 4S. It's said to have an enhanced low-light performance. Now add all iOS 6 new features to these to see what an iconic cell phone it can become.

At the end of the day, some might call it an iDevice evolution and some might go ahead and use the title of "The most revolutionary iDevice" to refer to it. Whatever the appellation, Apple will sell a cornucopia of it and unless some party poopers detect notoreous battery issues or overheating issues in it, it's in a perfect position to make all customers jubilant. So what Are your plans? Have you decided to upgrade?

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I stick with what I have

I'm very content that I did not save money for the iPhone 5 specifically. A lot of the new connectivity now present in the iPhone 5, particularly what they call Ultrafast Wireless, GPRS, EDGE, EV-DO, HSPA, HSPA+, DC-HSDPA, and LTE, is not available here. Well, some of these mentioned are available, but even though I can run on 4G networks now, it's still not going to cut it for me because I have a 4S already. I'd assume that 4G is what APple refers to as Ultrafast Wireless given the issues Apple faced when claiming the iPad could use 4G and other types in areas which did not provide it. As an example, the overview of the New iPad in Denmark used to claim 4G connectivity, but because 4G is very rare here and because the frequencies used for the other connectivity types are mostly only relevant to the United States, it was justly removed. Some countries can apparently work with LTE and as such can use the hardware to its limits, but Denmark isn't included yet as of the iPhone 5 announcements. As for the processor, maybe that'd do it, but I have no issues with my 4S. It works perfectly, works great and it's still faster than what I used to own. When the next iPhone comes out, maybe, but then it has to blow me out of the water with something impressive. Until this iPhone 4S gets smashed to pieces or simply stops working or if something blows me away in the future, I'm not upgrading at all. I do like the camera though.

In case a Nano-SIM is made available

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I also want to upgrade as it reaches here and the initial fever ebbs. However, it remains to be seen if I can find a Nano-SIM for it. It's not backward-compatible with the older Micro-SIM and that might well stall customers like me especially in countries which don't want to manufacture this new Nano-SIM -- at least now.

I'm not upgrading, I'm starting

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I will get the new iPhone as soon as I have the money. However, this is not an upgrade for me; rather, it will be my first iPhone ever! I have an iPod Touch, and my sister has an iPad and iPhone that I have to help with sometimes, but this will be my first-ever personal iPhone. The camera is something that I am particularly excited about, since I can hopefully do ocr, bar code scanning, and use apps like Digit-Eyes with much greater success than my iPod's deplorable camera can manage. I am also looking forward to Siri, gps, the smaller connector, and the larger screen. That last one may sound odd coming from a blind person, but it will fit more apps on each screen, more messages, more tweets, and so on without the difficulty in moving around I find on an iPad's massive display. Of course, having that sleek new processor powering it all, plus the better battery and 4g support, will be huge plusses. All in all, I can't wait until I have the $250 (you can't forget a nice case) to buy the phone.

when do preorders start on september 14

Well, gonna be getting it because I want a phone with a metal back and no more plastic. Also, Would be nice to have lte. Beyond that, i know it available for preorder on September 14, but what time? Usually its midnight, but been hearing 6:00am and 8:00am. Just curious about when I can get. Called apple and they said they aren't sure. Probably find out by tomorrow at some point.

Food for thought

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Interesting comments, Nicolai, and good to hear from you again. Just to show how apropos your comments are, I should add that I'll also be getting iPhone 5 in case I can sell my 4S effortlessly. The point is that as I'm not on a particular contract (this is just not available in my country), it makes a lot of sense to sell the 4S and use the money to secure a 5. As time goes by, my 4S will lose its value so it's also fiscally rational for those who are in my position to get iPhone 5 after selling their iPhone 4S or the older 4 sooner rather than later.

Hope the OCR side of the story catches the new camera

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Great decision, mehgcap. I also hope to see markedly better OCR apps for iPhone 5 because, frankly, current OCR apps for the 4S aren't as exciting or beneficial as a true OCR app can be. So if nothing changes in this regard, the improved camera might not be all that influencial.

I plan to upgrade, but I am

I plan to upgrade, but I am not going to rush out to buy the 5 as soon as it comes out. This is for several reasons, firstly and most importantly I need an external bluetooth keyboard for texting, I find typing on that touch screen a nightmare, and so a keyboard is a must. However, I want a keyboard case, similar to the nuu minikey, which works very well and is nice as it snaps on the back of the phone, so I will wait to see what manufacturers bring out along these lines. My second reason for not immediately upgrading, is because I want a jailbreak, and although its not a necessity, I have grown used to the convenience of being able to have shortcuts on my home screen for common tasks like wifi and bluetooth. I have also grown to love the freedom that springtomize 2 gives me to remove certain annoying things from the phone, and also I particularly like the freedom of being able to empty my task switcher just by a press of the home button, I could go on with what other things I enjoy about jailbreaking, but then the list would go on and on. My other reason for upgrading is I will be interested to see how the camera performs at OCR, I should think the low light mode might be of use in situations where we have no clue about lighting conditions. I do need to upgrade sooner though, rather than later as obviously my 4s will rapidly lose value, I hope I can get more for it though than what apple offers, especially if I throw the keyboard case in with it. Lastly, although I am not at all bothered about the fancy new eye candy, or the bigger screen size and resolution. I can see one advantage for us, and that is I guess fleksy users will find it easier to use as the app will have more screen area available for the keyboard. Lets hope Apple decides to by fleksy and encorporate it fully into IOS 7, though it would have to be done right without changing the basics of what it does.

iPod Touch 5

I will not be getting an iPhone 5. While I really like my iPod Touch 4, I can't justify the cost of a data plan given how rarely I find myself wishing I had one. The new Touch gets a decent camera, and I would like that. However, it's not enough to make it a "must have" for me. The apps I use, like Digit Eyes work remarkably well with the horrid camera in the 4. Had the rumoured addition of GPS been true, I may have been tempted.

When Do We See OS 6?

Will OS 6 be released anytime soom, like say when the IPhone 5 is released? Damn, wish I'd waited until the fall to get my 4S since that seems adequate for the purposes for which I got the phone. My 3 year plan would have been considerably cheaper. The IPhone may have more of what I would like, but more than the basics I con sidered necessary and that hasn't changed.

i phone 5

Does the new I phone have voice over still installed on it?

osios 6

I've read that ios 6 will be released on September 19.

Yes VO is included

Yes VoiceOver will be included on the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Just imagine the outcry from the blind community if apple removed VoiceOver? Talk about committing corporate suicide!

voice over in i phone 5

I'm glad that voice over will be included on i phone 5. Apple's website doesn't mention voice over under the link that talks about the features in the new i phone.

To buy or not to buy, that is the question?

I have the IPhone 4 currently and the following accessories: Fostex IM4I (Allows for stereo recording and has inputs for external mics etc) £100.00. A Tascam IM3 (plug in stereo mic) £60.00. Two extended battery cases £60.00 each and a speaker doc £80.00. £300 worth of accessories which will be useless I presume with IPhone 5 with its new size and lightening connection plug in. So, the question is do I just get a 64gb 4s or is the 5 worth me losing my accessories and their value. What will the price point be in UK pounds for a 64gb IPhone 5?

Some good points

Hi Amir, I'm definitely happy to post on Applevis again. :) I actually considered selling the iPhone 4S that I've got for the 5, but I haven't made my decision yet. Well, I only considered it a viable option when you mentioned it. I don't necessarily need it, but the fact my carrier will provide 4G, it may be worth the upgrade since I use data a lot. The value of the 4S will of course go down over time, so it's a lot smarter selling it now. Technically I can sell it before the 5 comes out because I have an Android phone lying around that I can use in the meantime, but I don't intend to sell it before I have the 5 probably. Of course, whether I intend to sell it at all remains to be seen. It's unlocked, so that's beneficial for whoever buys it. It'll work in any country without restrictions, which is a big plus. As for Vishal's comment about VoiceOver being on the iPhone 5, it's going to. It's a part of iOS 6, and Apple isn't going to change that regardless of iPhone model. Even though the firmware files are different depending on the device you have, the changes aren't that drastic to warrant VoiceOver being removed from the firmware.

I've not been wowed by the

I've not been wowed by the new Iphone 5. There's nothing really that stands out to me in the new features and when it comes to 4g capability, it is a new technology atm and will take time to be setup and rolled out. I will be upgrading to IOS6 as soon as a jailbreak becomes available though. I would like to know if most existing apps will work out of the box with IOS6 or if they will need to be updated to work with the new OS.

iPhone 5

I have a 4s and i love it first I'll install iOS six see how that works and then I'll think about the five. Being blind first I want to have the five in my hand to see how it will feel before I think about purchasing it. Love Apple Love the iPhone...

Hello. I defanatly will be

Hello. I defanatly will be getting the iphone 5. The only reason I'm getting it is because I'm switching my service from at&t to sprint so my current 4 will not work on sprint. I'm sick of paying at&t 100 dollars just so i can have 3 gb of data. I could pay 90 something but that would only give me 300 mb of data. Plus you can't use facetime over cellular unless you purchase the shared plan. My issue is not being able to use facetime over cellular. My issue is at&t charging you more for a feature of the phone and sprint will not charge extra for that. I feel sprint gives me a better deal. I will be paying about 90 something on sprint with taxes and everything. Still better than over 100 on at&t. plus I will not have to purchase the shared data plan as well. I like the faster processor, siri and the bigger screen on the 5. I never played with siri because I have had the 4. My 4 still works fine but again, it does not run on sprint. Honestly if I was not switching to sprint, i'd still keep my 4. I'm not worried about a bluetooth keyboard because i'll keep using my keyboard buddy until one comes out for the 5. Plus I can't wait to mess with lte as well. Plus sprint still offers unlimited data. It will be nice not having to worry about how much data i will use a month. I know sprint's 3g is a bit slower but that is OK for me. Plus the LTE may be live where I live. Even if it is not we will have it in the near future. I just dont' want to support a company that limited you to what you can do with your phone.

no upgrading for me

I don't see any compelling new things in the new phone. A larger screen means it's harder to carry around (although admittedly not markedly). However, I don't need a big screen, and I personally feel that the large screen is going to mess with apps bigtime. I have no need of a more powerful camera. I will of course be upgrading to ios6, but my 4s should (to my calculations) last until ios10, so I'll be fine.

VoiceOver on the iPhone 5

Apple hasnever officially announced VO in their keynotes. They have put a video tutorial up on how to use it. Why would you think that VO wouldn't be in the generation of the iPHone? Seems dumb to think that. Aaron

iphone 5

as a matter of fact, i am getting an iphone five next friday morning on sprint, will post back when i have had a chance to play with it and let all of you know just how easy the dock connector is to use.