iOS 6 announced at WWDC 2012

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iOS 6 announcements
note: I did miss a few things because the audio was a bit difficult, so anyone who has the remaining info is welcome to post it.
Siri can now launch apps.
Also, more support for other languages and countries.
There are also more local search type options, including those outside the US.
Facebook integration.
Facebook and Twitter are now options in the Notification Center, and App Store gets Facebook integration so you can tell apps that your friends like.
Also, do not disturb mode, which allows you to make the phone go completely silent for a given period of time you specify.
Facetime added to cellular networks, though this feature was available in some beta releases of 5, so not necissarily new.
Photo stream can now be shared by different iDevices as well.
Turn by turn directions will also be available in Maps.
Siri now integrated in to the latest iPad only.
iOS 6 will be available on the iPhone 3gs and later, iPad 2 and later, and iPod 3rd gen and later in the fall. My guess is October.
As was standard, no mention of accessibility enhancements were mentioned. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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#1 iPod info is wrong

iOS 6 will not be available on the iPod Touch 3G and later, it will only be available on the iPod Touch 4G.

IMO, this isn't the smartest thing to do, Apple supports the iPhone 3GS. The iPod 3G and iPhone 3GS have the same hardware, so why aren't they supporting the iPod?
I think I read something about Apple still selling and supporting the iPhone 3GS, but not supporting the iPods. I don't know if this is the case, as I just read that fact somewhere on Twitter.

#2 iPod 3rd gen

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As the 3GS is somewhat sluggish with iOS 5, I'm not sure I'd want a 3GS running 6. The audio I was listening to wasn't the best quality, so maybe I heard something wrong. But as you say, the 3GS and 3rd Gen iPod run on the same hardware essentially, so I don't understand why they would support one and not the other.

#3 Availability

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Yes, the IOS 6 has dropped the Itouch 3rd Gen and the Original iPad.

That was a shocker to me as well that the iPhone 3gs was still included in the loop.

I'm sure the IOS 6 on the 3gs will be in a limited fashion and flavor of what you will see in the iPhone 4s and 5. I be curious if anything will be limited in the iPhone 4 as well. We just have to wait and see.

I think the volume of 3gs users that are still out there is the biggest factor why they didn't drop them out. There are so many people on that device they couldn't quite yet push them out in the dark.

As mentioned in another thread I did read an interesting article from AppAdvice that they will be having an article in a couple of days to discuss the new VO features. That is what I'm talkiing about. Can't wait for that and certainly will be posting that here.

Thanks for the update you have mentioned above!

There are some big features mentioned. Some of those Navigation apps will be soiling in their pants right about now.

However, apps such as Navigon won't have to worry much. As I still be using them as my primary navigation only because it offers the downloadable maps unlike so many other Navigation apps that uses those precious data bandwidth.

Garmin, Tom-Tom, MotionX, and all of those that don't have downloadable maps will certainly need to change gears or will be sunk if they do not offer the downloable maps.

#4 More Features in IOS 6

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Here are some more features you will find on the new IOS 6:

FaceTime over 3G and 4G – Make FaceTime calls over cellular connections.
Facebook Integration – Share photos to Facebook from Photos app and Like Apps.
Maps- New maps with traffic and 3D flyover mode.
Calls – Slide to answer a call or slide up to reply with a message & remind you to call back later.
Passbook – Your digital wallet for loyalty cards, Amtrak, United, hotel reservations and more.
Lost Mode – Send a phone number to whoever found your lost iPhone to get a call.
Turn by Turn Directions – Voiceguided turn by turn directions with GPS on the iPhone 4S.
Open Apps with Siri – Siri can now open apps with your voice.
VIP Inbox – Tell Mail who your important contacts are so you never miss an email.
Siri - Check sports scores, movie times and make restaurant reservations.
Instant Sharing to Facebook and Twitter – Notification Center lets you share direct to Facebook and Twitter.
Better Sharing Menu – When Sharing, you’ll see a new icon driven sharing menu.
Autocorrection for Every Keyboard – Support for autocorrect while using external Bluetooth keyboards.
Location Based Reminders for iPad – The iPad will no support reminders based on location, may be limited to cellular models.
Manual Location Entry for Reminders – No longer need GPS to set a location reminder, type in an address.
VoiceOver Improvements – Better accessibility features from VoiceOver for visually impaired users.
Personal Dictionary in the Cloud – sync personalized spellings and autocorrections of names across iPhone and iPad.
Do Not Disturb - Set the iPhone to prevent calls and notifications from waking you at night, but still allow special callers.
Per Account Signatures in Mail – One signature for work email, one for personal.
Game Center Challenges – Brag about your high score and issue challenges to friends.
Game Center Friends from Facebook – Pull your Facebook friends into games.
Manual Reorder of Reminders – Change the order of reminders to match your priorities.
Improved Privacy Controls – More granular control over your personal data. Turn location control off by app.
Custom Vibrations for Alerts – Already available in iOS 5, expect new features.
Features for China – Baidu, Sina Weibo, Tudou, Youku, Better text input, dictionary
Video stabilization : Stabilizes iPhone and iPad video, which are often shaky.
Shared Photostreams- Make and share albums in PhotoStream. Easily share the right photos with specific friends and family members in near real-time. Also includes comments and notifications.
App in Safari Search Results – See app store search results in the Safari search results.
Full Screen Landscape Support in Safari – See more of the web while browsing in landscape on the iPhone.
Faster Safari Javascript – Improved Safari performance while browsing.
HDR Improvements – Better performance and results for HDR photo taking.
Made for iPhone Hearing Aids – Apple certified hearing aids that will work specifically with the iPhone and iPad.
Improved Accessibility Controls – Lock settings and lock the home button to keep kids out of settings they don’t need to touch.
French, German and Spanish Dictionaries – Multiple language dictionaries now in iOS 6.
Alarm with Song – Wake up with your favorite music in iOS 6.
Redesigned Stores – Better looking mobile stores with Coverflow.
In App Bluetooth Pairing – No longer need to leave the app to set up your Bluetooth headphones
Eyes Free – A new Siri button for Siri in-car integration with upcoming support for BMW, GM, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Chrysler and Honda
Location Based Alerts for Find My Friends- Get an alert when kids leave school and more.
Safari Browser Syncing - Continue browsing sessions on the iPad after starting in your computer or the iPhone.

#5 Accessibility Improvements

I just found this link on Twitter, worth checking it out for a hint on what's coming to VoiceOver and other services in iOS 6. Won't spoil it, but it does mention some cool sounding changes to VoiceOver including integration with other accessibility services.

#6 Yes! VO intigration with Assistive Touch would be absolutely awe

I can't wait for this one!

#7 Apple Launches All-New Privacy Section Of Settings App In iOS 6

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Another very cool new feature! This appears to be a new security settings for us to manage which I like very much!

We now have the ability to allow what apps can access into four separate parts: Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and Photos.

Found this from the article from:
Apple Launches All-New Privacy Section Of Settings App In iOS 6
An AppAdvice article By Joe White

#8 IOS 6, Apple Sure Has Made Some Major Changes To The App Store

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Another interesting article to read. Be sure to watch the video. A very good in-depth video in what to expect in the new AppStore app on your IOS 6 device in which goes under the knife of a brand new overhaul of the AppStore!

IOS 6, Apple Sure Has Made Some Major Changes To The App Store Application
By Joe White

#9 Now let's bring on the bad news...

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As predicted. The flavors are starting to surface. Well, here comes the part where things hit the fan now. Slowly but surely, we are now getting words what will work and what won't work. That Navigation stuff you like about? Well, hopefully you aren't a iPhone 3GS or 4 users because it ain't happening! Sigh.

Here is a snippet from an article put out today in Mac Rumors by ordan Golson

"Apple claims that iOS 6, the next version of its iPhone and iPad operating system, is "compatible" with devices as old as the iPhone 3GS. The 3GS was originally released nearly three years ago in June 2009 -- an eternity in gadget time.

However, at the bottom of Apple's iOS 6 info page lies a small disclaimer: "Not all features are available on all devices." This is followed by 8 footnotes detailing exactly what features work on what device.

Some features, like the VIP List for email, the Offline Reading List, and Shared Photo Stream won't work on the iPhone 3GS. Even flagship iOS features like Flyover, turn-by-turn navigation, and FaceTime over cellular won't work on recent devices like the iPhone 4 or the iPad 2 -- not to mention the iPhone 3GS.

All that said, however, iPhone 3GS owners will receive iOS 6 features like redesigned App and Music Stores, Cloud Tabs in Safari, Facebook integration, and other improvements -- it just won't include nearly the same number of features as the owners of Apple's latest and greatest gadgets."

Original Article:

#10 TomTom to Provide Maps on Apple iOS 6 Devices

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Well, I discussed earlier about how Garmin, TomTom, MotionX and other non-downloadable maps were going to survive with the new feature from Apple IOS 6.

It appears that the TomTom company is providing that map and navagation for those users!

That will put a stinger in those other GPS navagation companies. Ouch!

Here is a snippet from an article I have found.

"Apple announced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco that GPS company TomTom will provide mapping and navigation technology for its iOS 6 platform.

Apple’s latest software for the iPhone includes a mapping system that software chief Scott Forstall describes as being ”built from the ground up.” Apple has opted to dissolve their relationship with Google and will now partner with TomTom for access to the TomTom’s TeleAtlas database and all of its mapping features.

The move on Apple’s part is indicative of a standing feud between deceased, former CEO Steve Jobs, and current Google CEO Eric Schmidt. It was announced only days after Job’s death in October that it would no longer be using Google for its mapping services. The move could potentially hurt Google’s market share as Google receives approximately 50% of mobile mapping traffic from Apple."

50% of the users? Ouch! So farewell to Google and don't let the door hit you on the way out! ;)

#11 IOS 6

I think that it is great that IOS 6 can do so much more. Turn by turn directions with maps will help alot. I like that Serie will be able to launch apps. That would be a great short cut instead of having to open each folder and select the app you want. Go I Phone!!!!<a href="

#12 The reason Apple isn't

The reason Apple isn't supporting the iPod touch 3g is because it doesn't have a camera on it. apple is leaning towards a lot of there devices having cameras on them. So, that's why.

#13 Rumors related to accessibility

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Some rumors I've been hearing that seem reliable point to turn by turn instructions not being available to Pedestrian. Also, according to another source, the Premium TTS is absent from beta 1. Finally, braille support seems to have been updated, and a few roter options have been added. Stay tuned for further updates.