'It's almost here': Apple Media Event Announced for September 12

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Apple today announced an iPhone event for next Wednesday, September 12, 2012.

9 to 5 Mac reported this morning that Apple sent out press invitations (which read “It’s almost here,”) to the event, confirming weeks of speculation that the next-generation iPhone would be launched sometime in September.

While Apple has obviously not released any details about the phone, an image with the number 5 on the press invitation seems to suggest that the new iPhone will be called the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 is rumored to have a thinner design, a four-inch display, as well as improved internal hardware. And if the iPhone 4S is any indicator, Apple could very well have a new, iPhone 5-specific feature hidden up its sleeve.

Here at AppleVis, we have some special plans for the release of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Please stay tuned for more information in the days to come!

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can't wait, would love a live audio stream...

Well, I am getting this phone at full price. The reason is because I kept my Iphone 4s in perfect condition. On Ebay, I can get at least $375 for it and it'll go towards the purchase of the new phone. Essentially, its like having it prorated every year because the resale of an apple product is so high. Beyond that, I look forward to seeing what Apple does have hidden up its sleeve because they do it every single year. Maybe, it'll be a plug in so that the iphone can drive a car for people...I can dream, can't I?

Purchasing the iPhone 5

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

I too am seriously considering purchasing the iPhone 5. As to what I'll do with my iPhone 4S, I will probably pass it down to my father, especially if we use the elegeable upgrade on his account. I'm not sure if that's doable, though. So I may buy the iPhone 5 at full price and sell the 4S.

I'm kind of embarrassed to be this excited.

I'll definitely be upgrading, as I didn't get the 4S when it came out. I just didn't feel that it was worth it--although I know that there are those who would disagree with me. I'm looking forward to the higher MP camera, especially pared with Text Detective! Also, inbuilt dictation will be nice. I am not giving up Vokul or Fleksy, though--apps that have stood me in good stead since the day I bought them. By the way, what is AppleVis planning? ;) Just thought I'd try and get some info on that. Thanks, Shersey

The secret is in the sauce

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Shersey, Believe me when I say we are just as excited as you are! It is great to see people getting all pumped up for the new devices and the IOS 6 that is coming very soon! We can't reveal the family secret in the sauce quite yet! ;) What I can say is that we are very busy behind the curtains in getting prepared for this event. You can expect an avalanche of very cool things to read, listen, participate and much more. So stay tuned! Right here on AppleVis!

My first reaction to the news was, "Squee!" *laughing*

Anyhow, thanks, AnonyMouse. I'll be checking back on this topic! I'm debating on which case to buy for the new iPhone: an Otterbox Defender or Sadio. I definitely noticed the difference in size from the iPhone 4 to the new iPhone. I have an Otterbox Defender for the 4, which will be staying in place, as I'm planning on giving my iPhone 4 to my fiance, as there's an app for DnD character creation, called RPG Scribe, that isn't available on Android, his preferred cellphone OS. So, he gets the old iPhone. Anyhow, I'm getting off the topic somewhat. Looking forward to more updates, Shersey

Oh, my Gosh!

Amidst all my excitement over the new iPhone, I completely forgot about iOS 6! I'll have to go check out what's coming with that, since I've kind of forgotten, apart from Assistive Touch being accessible with VoiceOver, the ability to let certain contacts through Airplane Mode, and the new 3d maps/turn-by-turn directions. Thanks, Shersey

Sure I'm upgrading

App Developer

I'll definitely be upgrading. Would you believe that I'm iOS developer and I'm still running iPhone 3GS. That just shows that these devices ain't SO high priced, you can run them like 3-4 years if you have case so the phone will survive throwing it around. The reason I've stayed so long is that if you develop your app in slow device you really have to clean up code and algorithms. It means faster response times with later devices and smaller battery consumption.