It's Time for Amazon to Step Up and Make Kindle Books Accessible to Blind iOS Users

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The Kindle app for iOS devices is not usable with VoiceOver. We believe that it is time for Amazon to stop excluding blind iOS users from their Kindle Book Store, so hope that you will support our Campaign for fair and equal access by lobbying them to make the app accessible. Not only would this be a good commercial decision for Amazon, but it is simply the 'right' thing for them to do and arguably something they have a legal requirement to do. As consumers, it would also provide us with some much-needed competition and choice when shopping for eBooks.

Amazon has shown with other apps, such as Audible and Amazon Mobile, that they can make apps that are accessible and easy to use with VoiceOver. In fact, the Audible app was recently inducted into our iOS App Hall of Fame, which shows just how much the community appreciates Amazon's commitment to  making Audible books accessible to all of their customers. Now, we simply want Amazon to demonstrate a similar commitment to Kindle books.

Amazon might cite technical or legal reasons why it is not possible to make Kindle books accessible with VoiceOver, but Apple's iBooks shows that this does not stand up to scrutiny. Amazon could and should ensure that Kindle books are accessible to all of their customers. They should be rather ashamed that this is not already the case. We hope that our lobbying will go some way towards convincing them that they can and will make Kindle accessible to all.

We hope that you will all spare just a few moments to support this Campaign by submitting this form. Please note that you will need to be registered and logged in. When you click 'Submit', your message will be mailed directly to Amazon.

As with all of our Campaigns, we have provided a draft message. However, do please feel free to modify this ... perhaps to say how having access to Kindle books would personally benefit you.

Thank you for your support.

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#1 Thank You AppleVis

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Thank you AppleVis Team. I posted on this very issue last month with Kindle update. Please everybody reply to the campaign. AppleVis couldn't have made the form any easier.

#2 kindle iOS app

hi I just filled out the form and submitted it.

#3 Done!

I also sent the form. It is more than easy, and everyone should do that as well.

#4 Kindle Campaign

Club AppleVis Member

This is awesome!! AppleVis named Kindle the campaign yesterday; over 115 people have already made their thoughts known. It's nice to see what our community can do together in a civil way.

#5 It will either work...

This will either work, or Amazon will get so annoyed with seeing the subject that they ignore all other emails with the subject in them. Although, if Kindle was accessible for iOS, I wouldn't have to attempt to use that Accessible Kindle for PC, which seems to have stepped back in terms of being accessible. Also, even if they do make the Kindle app accessible now, they could always make it inaccessible at a later date. I still do hope this works, although I don't hold out much hope for it. Thanks for trying, though! -Anna

#6 Who at Amazon are you

Who at Amazon are you emailing the comments to? Amazon is a huge company with probably hundreds of development teams, and even numerous teams within the Kindle division. If these emails don't go to the right place they will likely be ignored.

#7 2 recipients

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The email is being sent to two addresses at Amazon - the one for their Accessibility Team and the public email address of their CEO, Jeff Bezos.I would be sure that the latter won't be going straight to his main inbox. Most likely they go to a PA or somebody with delegated responsibility for handling mail sent to that address. However, whoever it is, I would be certain that there is a mechanism in place for Jeff Bezos to receive reports on what is being sent to that address.

#8 Hi I have just done this. It

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Hi I have just done this. It is so quick and easy so please do it if you haven't already. I also shared it on my facebook wall and asked even my sighted friends to contact Amazon about this issue, as everyone, I would like to think, should care about equality of access.

#9 Heads Up!!

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Just a heads up... While Kindle is not accessible, BN just made tthe Nook app and Nook books fully accessible yesterday.

#10 I've joined the campaign

Hi! I posted a message as part of AppleVis's current campaign of the month today. Much as I like iBooks, I know that the Kindle store has plenty of books which iBooks has not published, plus I'm all for competition, so I very much hope for success with this campaign to try and persuade Amazon to make their Kindle app for IOS accessible. It's great that the Audible app is accessible already, but that's not available in the French app store because it doesn't cover I've never heard of Nook Books either, so I assume that is purely American, but correct me if I'm wrong! Let's all keep our fingers crossed that this month's AppleVis campaign will bear fruit and that we, as VoiceOver users, won't have to wait too long to be able to read Kindle books on our i-devices.

#11 Hi Clare. The Nook app is not

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Hi Clare. The Nook app is not available here in Ireland either. Let's keep this Amazon campaign going, enough is enough.

#12 making the Kindle app accessible

I definitely will be filling out the campaign of the month form for this app. As I am now using the Nook app by Barnes and Noble with great success, this is just another reason why Amazon should step up to the plate. First iBooks, then the Nook. Com on Amazon.

#13 Kindle iOS App Accessibility

Done, and I'm excited to see that 215 people have participated in this campaign in the first two weeks. Now that Nook is accessible, I'm hoping Kindle will follow.