KNFBReader, Audio Defence, and Month Calendar 2 Chosen as AppleVis Editorial Team App Picks of the Month for October 2014

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

At the end of each month, members of the AppleVis Editorial Team take a look at all the apps that have been posted to the site during that month--either for the first time, or where there has been a significant update--and decide which of these they think is the most noteworthy.

The AppleVis Editorial Team app picks of the month for October 2014 are as follows:

1. KNFBReader

Updated to version 1.2 (version 1.3 released 11/2/2014); October, 2014.

"The highly anticipated KNFB Reader converts printed text into high quality speech to provide accurate, fast, and efficient access to both single and multiple page documents with the tap of a button on the iPhone. Picture accuracy is facilitated by a Field of View Report, Automatic Page Detection, and Tilt Control. Our app allows users to capture pictures of virtually any type of printed text, including mail, receipts, class handouts, memos and many other documents that you may encounter. Proprietary document analysis technology determines the words and reads them aloud to the user with high quality text-to-speech and Braille access. Individuals with print disabilities will benefit from the synchronized speech and text highlighting capabilities. KNFB Reader will revolutionize access to print materials for the mobile professional and busy student by providing advanced state of the art mobile reading technology in a single hand-held device." – App Store

From the AppleVis Editors: KNFBReader has set a new standard for OCR apps on iOS. While some products are a lot of hype and little more, KNFBReader performs as advertised. Version 1.2 introduces support for not only the latest iPhones (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus)--but also for the iPhone 4S and iPod Touch Fifth Generation. (And yes, we’ve heard that OCR scans on the iPhone 4S can actually be quite good.)

Listen to a Podcast Demonstrating KNFBReader Visit the App Store Page for KNFBReader

2. Audio Defence : Zombie Arena

New iOS App Directory Entry (Version 1.0); October, 2014.

"A zombie shooter audio game. Made from gut-wrenching 3D binaural sound, for a new kind of weird immersion.

You are the blind warrior, fighting off wave after wave of Dr Bastard’s Zombies. With 3D binaural sound the zombies really are all around you." – App Store

From the AppleVis Editors: Somethin’ Else, The creators of Papa Sangre, Papa Sangre II, and The Nightjar, have released another superb audio game—this time, a zombie shooter. And this is no ordinary Zombie shooter game, either; you will find there is a lot more involved than just shooting your way through the game. Put simply, you will need your wits about you to make it through this terrifying adventure!

Listen to a Podcast Demonstrating Audio Defence : Zombie Arena Visit the App Store Page for Audio Defence : Zombie Arena

3. Month Calendar 2 - overview at a glance of your iCal, Google, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo, etc. calendars

Updated to version 11.0; October, 2014.

"Month Calendar is an amazing and simple way to manage your calendar. You get a brilliant overview at a glance when planning. Use decorations to add color and icons to your events. Month Calendar gives you powerful yet easy ways to browse, organize, edit, and share your calendars." - App Store

From the AppleVis Editors: What’s not to love? Besides enhancing VoiceOver support in version 11.0, the developer of Month Calendar 2 has been actively engaged with the AppleVis community.

Visit the App Store Page for Month Calendar 2

Did We Miss Anything?

What were your favorite app releases and updates for October 2014? Let us know in the comments!



Submitted by jrjolley (not verified) on Monday, November 3, 2014

Has to be it, was sceptical of the app but the developers appear to be supporting it as of now so why not. It works, it does what it set out to do and manages to impress.

Submitted by sockhopsinger on Monday, November 3, 2014

I am a little surprised that Audio Defence was on this list, not because it is a bad app, but it came out with only two days left in the month. I would have thought that the app monthly pics would have gone to those that were available for use and able to be written about for more than a day by the users here. Again, I'm not criticizing, just surprised.

Submitted by Month Calendar on Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hi Everybody,

Thanks from the Month Calendar team. We are extremely happy to get this vote of confidence from the Editorial Team.
And keep those brilliant suggestions flowing.

Thank you all!