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We've all heard the familiar question before: You're stuck on a desert island. If you could bring one thing with you, what would it be--and why?

In recent years, my answer to such a question was simple: my cane. Without it, I'd be in big trouble. If given more choices, I would invariably include things like food and water...and my iPhone.

Oh, and speaking of that iPhone. If I had to choose only one app to have on my phone, what would I choose?

The answer, for me at least, is not an easy one. My iPhone is about practicality. I don't do any gaming, and I use my phone mainly to make my everyday life easier: I text, read e-mail, check Facebook and Twitter, keep updated on the weather, read the news...that kind of thing.

So, with that "desert island" app would be Facebook, because I can keep in touch with all of my friends and family--not all of whom have Twitter.

What about you? If you could have only one app on your iOS device, what would you pick? Let us know in the comments!

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Island App

Hello Michael, Like you, I don't play games on my IPhone 4s, rather, I use it to stay informed. Facebook is a good one, but I would have to go with Down Cast. I enjoy listening to my favorite podcasts whenever and where ever I am. The dozen or so podcasts I currently subscribe to help to keep me informed and pass the time. -Andrew-

Desert island

This really is a tough one. I think my choice would be Skype. Then I could at least talk with my friends.


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Wow, this is a very hard question to answer. I see where people would want the Facebook and Skype to keep in touch with your family and friends. I almost had to say Find my Friend so that they would rescure me! ;) So with that. I will have to pick Audible so I can keep my mind off of things and catch up with a lot of books I need to read while I'm waiting for my family and friends to find me to get off of this island! ;)

Desert Island app from new user prospective

i'd have to say, (and please realize that I've only had my phone for a couple of weeks) that i was a windows user. A few days after I got my phone, i found TapTapSee. i think this would be my desert island app. I still can't believe all the many things i found out using this app to identify things. For instance, i never knew that my curtains were green. when I took the picture, it told me this bit of information. So, nonbeliever that i can be, I asked my 10 year old daughter what color they were. She replied "Mom, they are green." for me, it's nice to be able to take a picture, be told what it is, with no frills or whistles.


the reason why is because I can follow and keep up with all my twitter followers.

Oh, simple actually!

I'd say you don't Need any apps, you could just take Safari. With that you can do everything! I'd have Skype though, that's a Thing you can't do with Safari, or at least it isn't that easy.