Papa Sangre II Wins "Excellence in Sound Design" Award, Goes Free for One Day

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Papa Sangre II, the wildly popular audio game, will be free to download in the app store for one day on Thursday, March 27, 2014 local time.

Somethin Else, the developers behind Papa Sangre II and The Nightjar, recently announced that last week, Papa Sangre II won the “Excellence in Sound Design” award at the 2014 International Mobile Gaming Awards. Papa Sangre II was also rated the #1 iOS game of 2013 by MetaCritic.

In celebration, the developers at Somethin Else are making Papa Sangre II available for one day on Thursday, March 27, 2014 local time; this game usually sells for $4.99. Below is the full text of their media release, along with a link to an exclusive interview with VO actor Sean Bean (Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings):

"Exciting news from the world of Papa Sangre: Last week Papa Sangre II, took home the award for ‘Excellence in Sound Design’ at the esteemed 2014 International Mobile Gaming Awards. Papa Sangre II is also the #1 rated iOS game on MetaCritic of 2013.

Today, Thursday Mar 27th, we celebrate by offering the full game for free for one day! And we release a never before seen interview with Sean Bean where he speaks about his involvement in the game development:

Papa Sangre II features the VO acting of Sean Bean (LOTR & Game of Thrones) and is developed by BAFTA Award winning studio Somethin Else."

Link to Papa Sangre II in the iTunes App Store

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#1 Awesome News!

This is awesome news! I just listened to the YouTube clip and loved it. I think this game needs to be ported to the Mac! Unfortunately somebody stole my headphones, but this would be awesome to listen to in headphones I'm sure. I think I know who stole mine, but I'm not saying. Instead, big kudos to the folks at Something Else!

#2 papa sangre 2

The idea of porting the game to the mac wouldn't work. Firstly, in order to play the game well, I've found out that there needs to be loads of space. The swipe method doesn't work for me at all. You have to be very quick or else things will get you. I'm not spoiling you any more.