Singing the tune of ooTunes Radio

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It's comforting to know that a mainstream application we're purchasing is accessible; however, it's more outstanding to know that the developer of such an application is just an email away, ready to listen to our concerns and make the necessary modifications. The other day I was using ooTunes Radio and noticed that the Back button in various windows cannot be pressed using the two-finger Scrub gesture. Not a big deal, but I thought I'd mention it. In addition, I couldn't find the fantastic NPR Worldwide station which is for non-US listeners. For your information, it's and FM channel in Berlin which broadcasts the NPR Worldwide stream and is the only channel whose schedule exactly mirrors that of NPR's flagship and live programs. It's also without local or state-oriented segments interspersed among the main content.

Anyway, I emailed the developer, Steven Woolley, and mentioned both issues. Much to my surprise, he promptly replied and told me that he's aware of the Back button issue though fixing it might be complicated.

What's, however, more interesting is that he managed to add NPR Worldwide to the list of available stations though he lives in the USA and can't himself tune into the channel. It took him 2 efforts in 24 hours to make ooTunes Radio the only application to provide access to this great channel on a mobile platform -- even NPR's own application hasn't done that for international listeners.

So, once more, kudos to Steve for having made such a popular mainstream application accessible! Such developers make a tangible difference in the way the visually impaired can interact with their iDevices.

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I love OOTunes!

I love OoTunes so much. This is the only radio app I will ever buy besides pandora. People might say, why not give other apps a try, but honestly why should I clutter my apple device with 10 apps that do the same thing! OoTunes has everything I need! Not only am I able to search for stations with ease, I can listen with no trouble as well as share what I'm playing. On mornings when I need to get up earlier than usual, that built-in alarm clock tuned to new age wakes me up and makes my life so much more convinient. Not only that, but it records the streams I listen to. Why have another app that just does one or two of the things this app does when you have it all right here! I'm glad the developer is willing to help out. It makes using this app so much easier to know that you have the comfort of knowing when something doesn't work, some one is caring enough to help you fix the problem or come up with alternative solutions. I agree, OOTunes is the best radio app on the market. No sense in having 10 different radio apps... I have only 3, OoTunes, Pandora, and IBlink radio for the podcast content. That's all I need. Once again, I love OOTunes and the devs are commendable for making it a program easy to use for the blind on their Apple devices. Melissa

ooTunes is the BEST

Have to say I enjoyed the post and the reply by Melissa. I agree completely with the author. Steven has always responded almost instantaneously to emails and fixes anything he can once alerted.... not that much goes wrong at all. I bought ooTunes a couple of years ago when I first got my iPhone and it is the only one I use. If you have suggestions for streams or want to have access to something, as the author says, Steven will make it happen. ooTunes is the BEST.


Now, hopefully I'm not going to start a war by saying that I don't get why so many people prefer Tune in radio... That out of the way I really like the app. Used to think the UI was a little cluttered, but it's gotten a lot better now, probably because I got used to it.

ooTunes Radio and TuneIn Radio Pro

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Well, having seen both apps in action, I too prefer ooTunes Radio to TuneIn Radio Pro. It has more stations and, in case one cares, is half the size of TuneIn Radio Pro -- 7MB as opposed to 14MB. However, ooTunes Radio is more expensive $4.99 vs $0.99, and that might explain why some users prefer it. But, to me at least, the higher price means a noticeably better application with better tech support. Perhaps one day I'll review both apps as a podcast once my internet situation improves.