TuneIn Radio Pro Loses its Place in the AppleVis iOS App Hall of Fame

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After much consideration and with deep regret, we have decided to remove TuneIn Radio Pro from our iOS App Hall of Fame.

As a community we are committed to promoting accessibility and acknowledging those developers who demonstrate a similar commitment to making their apps fully accessible to blind and low vision users. Our Hall of Fame is where we showcase those apps which the community has decided are the best of the best in terms of accessibility and functionality.

However, we realize that some apps which were at one time totally usable can decline in accessibility over time. Unfortunately, TuneIn Radio Pro has become one of these. As many people have reported to be in contact with the
developer, and because these issues have increased in the last few versions, it is quite simply misleading and inappropriate for the app to maintain its position in our Hall of Fame.

We hope that the developer will be working to correct what are now established accessibility problems with their app, and that TuneIn Radio will regain the high-regard that it once held with blind and low vision users.

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tell them

so have you told the people at TuneIn that their app has lost it's place and why? perhaps an email from applevis would help somewhat towards that. whether applevis is an oficial branch of apple or not, the fact of having the word apple in the email in 1 form or other will grab their attention.

Tune in radio

Can someone please tell me why TuneIn radio has been taken out of the Hall of Fame? It works for me. I use a for S it seems to perform whatever functions it did up to now

I understand your decision

Hi! Even though TuneIn Radio is still usable for VoiceOver users, in fact I use it regularly myself, I can understand the decision to take it out of the AppleVis Hall of Fame, given the things about it that are not so good for us VO users now, such as the stream skipping slightly sometimes when VO speaks, and having to go into Car Mode to search for a station by its name, both problems we didn't have in the past. In spite of the decline in Tunein Radio Pro, though, I'm not giving up on this app, which works fine for what I want to use it for on my iPhone 4S, namely basic online radio listening, especially as I don't use VO a lot while listening to the radio with it and don't mind going briefly into Car Mode now that the search field is not accessible on the standard Browse page. Here's hoping that this app will return to its former standard one day as regards usability, even if it never returns to the AppleVis Hall of Fame!

Email Sent

I've sent TuneIn an email regarding the audio skipping when VoiceOver speaks, as well as the search field not being accessible anymore. I did get a reply the other day saying they released an update to Apple, but after trying it yesterday when it came out I was disappointed to find out that the two issues still existed. I of course let them know they were still there in a reply, but I suggest sending them an email at http://tunein.com/contact/ to see if we can't get this stuff fixed. I have a feeling that the more people email, the quicker they'll get to fixing these issues. HTH.

Hi, regarding the skipping

Hi, regarding the skipping audio, I think this might be an ios 6 bug, as I know of multiple apps where audio skips whenever VoiceOver speaks, I wrote to apple accessibility about the problem and got the usual this is being investigated reply, but the fact it happens with several apps makes me think there is an underlying ios6 issue that might be out of developers hands. Also, if we keep e mailing the developer lots of us, is that really going to make them inclined to fix the issues? I suspect its more likely to annoy them and get them to just ignore our messages. After all look at what happened with the silver sword game, I think people really need to learn to be patient instead of throwing a virtual tantrum because a problem isn't fixed instantly. It seems to me this hole removing the app from the hall of fame has been prompted by one post suggesting the idea in the past 24 hours, to be honest I am not two bothered as the app works for me, I just think people should learn to be patient, as developers are often one man bands with other lives to lead apart from responding to e mails from blind people constantly complaining. The world doesn't always revolve around us and we have to accept that things won't always be perfect and the way we would like them to be.

Interesting theory, but ...

That's an interesting theory, namely that the skipping of streams in TuneIn Radio is due to the bug in IOS 6 which makes sounds in other apps skip when VoiceOver talks over them, but I caught myself thinking: if that happens in TuneIn Radio, shouldn't it happen in other apps that play music, or any other audio come to that, either stored on the device or coming from a stream? I've tested this with three such apps, and the audio hasn't skipped at all when I've moved around the screen in them reading whatever VoiceOver has to tell me. The IOS 6 bug theory could still be an explanation for the skipping in tuneIn Radio, though: that app may simply be more sensitive to that bug than some others.

Good Points in General, but...

Your points are valid in general terms, but the specifics of this situation are different than you stated. I suggested reconsidering the app's inclusion in the Hall of Fame about a week ago. I don't think I was the first. The decision is hardly a quick reaction to a single post. less than 24 hours ago. The issue with skipping audio may be iOS related. However, the problems with the search and clock features are long standing and have langoured across several updates, including the recent whole version update. The functionality of the app is significantly reduced. If listed in the app directory now for the first time, it wouldn't even get a "fully accessible" rating. Surely that does not lend itself to a Hall of Fame inclusion. I agree that this decision is complex, but my position is that allowing an app that has long standing accessibility issues in the Hall of Fame does a disservice to people who may rely on an app's reputation of accessibility when making purchasing decisions. Further, it diminishes the hard work and dedication demonstrated by other inductees. I hope to see this app back in the Hall of Fame soon, but for now, it doesn't belong there.

I couldn't disagree more with

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

I couldn't disagree more with Alex about whether or not we should all be emailing a developer. Of course we should, as long as the email is polite and professional. We want developers to recognise the value of this community.

TuneIn skipping

hi streams seem to skip when voiceover talks for me as well, one way round it i've found is to pause the stream for a few seconds, does this work for anyone els? i'm using the latest version that came out today.

Just a few things...

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Hello Dave82, It looked like the majority vote nominated the Audible app for the October Hall of Fame which can be found here: http://www.applevis.com/applevis-blog/advocacy/audible-inducted-applevis-ios-app-hall-fame Hope that answered your question! ;)

Virtual Rants

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hello Alex, I must admit I did post the comment on wither I thought this was worthy for TuneIn Radio to be part of the Hall of Fame in the actual TuneIn Radio posting. I don't think I was alone on making that statement as well. I'm not sure about the virtual rants as you speak of? Not sure if there were other comments suggesting that and could have not seen those. I think it was the fact that this has been an ongoing problems for months. So they have had their chance to have address this in the pass three updates. I also personally know a handful of people have submitted those issues some time ago. I am in agreement that we should give them time to accordinging put this in their que to fix but months have pass us by and so many updates. It just made things appear to bleak and they certainly had their chance to have made those minor changes. The bottom line is that it was up to the AppleVis Editorial Team to make their decision. So they have spoke. I have to agree with their decision. As I still use TuneIn Radio myself and love it. It has some quirks but still very useable. So the Hall of Fame was designed for developers that go above and beyond in making sure those apps stay that way. Unfortunetly, it doesn't appear to be the case here with the current or the past 2-3 months that they are wanting to make it so. So with that I hate to see anyone lose their trophy but it was justified in my eyes. There are so many other apps that are so worthy to be in the Hall of Fame. They have to be top notch. Not certain if you still feel that way but I do understand about we do seem to rant just a bit to much in certain times. I don't think this is one of them. Take care.

That's great, thanks

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

That's great, thanks Anonymouse. And good to see you're still contributing on the site. Happy enough to see Audible get it, and hope it sends a positive message to Amazon. After downloading Instapaper, I slightly regretted not voting for it, but hopefully it'll get in at a later date. Thanks.


I agree; web developers should do their best to stay on top of their app; especially if they've been made aware at some point in the past by people in this group by making them aware of just how good their app is and why? You would think that once you reached a certain standard you'd want to maintain it? If something doesn't work yes we need to make developers aware clearly and concisely and hopefully the problem will be fixed in due course; but if we go on bitching, bitching and bitching then it serves no purpose but to annoy the developer; good to give them some breathing room and lets try to be possitive about the things that do work in an app as there are new people (visually impaired and not) discovering what is for them new stuff and can be a bit overwhelming especially if you're new to the app; lets all step back take a breath be possitive and enjoy the experience.

whining blind people

Folks, I truly enjoy this site for the content it offers & the knowledgeable people affiliated with it. However, it seems to have stooped to whining & throwing tantrums when an app slightly changes, taking one out of his or her routine. Where is all of the whining when it comes to an app like facebook? Tunein works just fine. All of the whining & griping will make the developer pay less attention to a given issue if it is not addressed in a constructive manner. Things change. I was in a conversation with someone who is also totally blind & a former software developer for a major company. He says tunein works for him as it does for me. He also says from the perspective of the developer, they owe us nothing. Yes we need accessibility. However, we can be professional & consturctive, or kick & scream like a bunch of 2 year olds. Work with it, get over it, & grow up.

Just wanted to apologise to

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Just wanted to apologise to Alex if I took what he said out of context or anything earlier. Basically though, I do think it's good to send constructive feedback to developers, but agree that bitching and whining isn't ideal

This is not an issue of

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This is not an issue of wining at all. I agree the app is still accessible for the most part, but apps in the Hall of Fame aren't there because they're accessible for the most part. They have been put there because the developer has taken a lot of time and effort to assure that all parts of their app are accessible. As Tunein has not been making this effort as of late, (at least the past few versions), it was decided to remove this app. There is a dimplomatic adult way of handling these issues, and there is the immature way to handle it. I find this method a bit more mature than bashing the app all over the place when it's still a reasonably good app.

Changed for me

Hi, I've updated tune in radio and for some reason, the app seems to be streaming at very low quality. The broadcaster sounds like they're broadcasting on A M frequency or something like that. Has anyone else had the same problem? I completely agree with the decision that has been taken.

Hi Alex, As a member of the

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hi Alex, As a member of the AppleVis Editorial Team (and the person who first emailed my colleagues about this yesterday), I feel it was only right that we remove TuneIn Radio Pro from the Hall of Fame. The accessibility issues with TuneIn Radio Pro have been around since at least September. First it was the station search, then other problems began to appear. Our Hall of Fame recognizes the best of the best in terms of accessible iOS apps. We realize that no app is bug-free. However...it has been almost two months since the bugs were first reported...and the problems have not been addressed. To leave TuneIn Radio Pro in our app directory would, as many other people have said, do a disservice to both potential consumers and other developers whose apps are fully accessible. I also completely disagree with you in terms of contacting app developers. I think polite advocacy is good. If we don't advocate for what we need, nobody else will do it for us. That's the reality of life as a blind person.

Please don't remove TuneIn from the app directory

As I've already written above, I understand the decision to remove TuneIn Radio Pro from the IOS APP Hall of Fame, given that it is not as good accessibility-wise as it used to be. But please do not remove it from the IOS App Directory: this app is still usable by VoiceOver users in spite of its bugs, and we can also be kept posted through comments in the App Directory entry for TuneIn Radio Pro as to whether bugs have been dealt with in updates, something I hope will eventually happen, unlikely as this has seemed lately.

Alternative Radio app

Club AppleVis Member

If you want a radio app that works very well with accessibility, OOTunes comes to mind. That is the one I use, and in my mind is probably one of the most stable and accessible radio apps out there. For what it's worth.

a question

I have a question about hall of fame rules. If an app is deemed not worthy of inclusion, after having been admitted, How many updates does it take to determine its ineligibility? Has the developer worked favorably with the VIP community in the past, or has it been accidentally accessible?

RE: A Question

Club AppleVis Member

In follow up to that question, and simply out of curiosity, if an app is in the Hall of Fame and then drops out like Tune In, should there not be a set time for a developer to have to fix the app before it is booted from the hall? And, if the developer subsequently updates the app and fixes it, does it go back in? There probably should be some set guidelines that an app has to meet before it can be booted from the Hall. And, in my humble opinion, just because an app is out of the Hall doesn't mean it's a bad app. Oh well, guess I'll go back to work now and shut up.

Case by case

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

At the moment there are no set rules to say what has to happen for an app to lose its place in the Hall of Fame. TuneIn Radio has now become the precedent. Although this may prompt us to consider some basic guidelines, I think it likely that anything similar in the future will still need to be decided on an individual case basis. Here's hoping that the issue won't arise again.

tune in standard v tune in pro

You guys speak of tune in radio pro, how ever how is the regular free tune in radio. does that still work, and I mean all of its features? If so then I wonder why the pro version is broken whilst the standard or free version is not. If it is then surly nicely contacting the dev and pointing them the problems using screen shots and demos is a good idea. I find that devs respond faster that way, the devs that care that is. Be blessed all.

Hall of fame rules:

I'd like to humbly submit two proposals for rule consideration. 1> each removal should include in its description details of the reason for the removal so that others can easily verify or not. 2> each hall of fame submission should have an "as of this date clause" such that if it becomes inaccessible the snapshot of when it made the hall would be available thus, it would not have to be removed. I believe that even though an app might slip, the fact is that it did make the grade and that honor should not be taken away.

Our apologies

Although we are sad to lose our spot in the Hall of Fame, we understand Apple Vis's decision. Our development team is aware of these issues and is currently working updates that should fix these and other issues. In general, if you have any issues, you can always e-mail us at support@tunein.com. We thank you for your patience as we work to win back our Hall of Fame standing.

Thank you.

As I said before, I look forward to Tune In Pro returning to the Hall of Fame. It's this level of communication that earned a spot in the Hall in the first place. I'm confident the developers will get the issues worked out. When they do, I'll be amongst the first to lobby for reinstatement.


I just wanted to provide an update that we expect to have new versions of TuneIn Radio and TuneIn Radio Pro available in Apple's AppStore soon. Unfortunately, we were not able to address all of the issues with VoiceOver in these versions. However, our development team is continuing to work on them and we will keep you apprised as they become ready for release in future versions. Thanks again for your patience.


A new version of TuneIn Radio Pro just came out today and the alarm clock, recording and sleep timer time fields are *still* not visible using this new version. I realize that we, the blind, are a small minority. However, this iOS 6 and iPhone 4 user finds this being sent to the back of the bus, so-to-speak, getting mighty old. How about fixing issues of TuneinRadio Pro compatibility with VoiceOver *first* for once? I used to like Tunein's interface more than that of any other Internet radio app. However, I'm using ooTunes increasingly and find it extremely refreshing to get streams added or bugs fixed in *hours,* not months. It will be nice when you get every button labeled, every picker item visible and make the use of TuneIn Radio Pro almost transparently easy as it once was.

Hi Mike and AppleVis

Hi Mike and AppleVis community. As always, thank you for your feedback. Our team is aware of these continued issues and we truly value you all as TuneIn listeners. I can assure you that we are working hard to fix VoiceOver issues with TuneIn Radio Pro. At this time, we cannot provide a specific fix date but will do our best to keep you informed of our progress. Please reach out to support@tunein.com with any feedback for how we can improve TuneIn. We hear you and want to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

Beta Testers

Hi all! We're preparing a new update that we think will fix these issues. We're interested in recruiting some users to test the new version. If you're interested in taking a look at our newest version and providing us feedback, please send us an e-mail to support@tunein.com with the phrase "VoiceOver Beta Testing" in the subject line.

Thanks so much!

We're really excited by the out pouring of help we've received for our beta process. We've now filled all of our beta spots. We look forward to the wider release of our newest version soon.