Issues with navigating images and videos in the Photos app anywhere they are displayed as a grid



In many areas of the Photos app, the initial display of images and videos is in a grid layout.

There are two issues with navigating this grid when using VoiceOver:

  1. If navigating the screen by flicking, VoiceOver focus will typically not move to the grid content
  2. If you locate by touch an image or video in the grid, you cannot navigate through the rest of the images and videos by flicking

Steps to reproduce

  1. Ensure that VoiceOver is enabled
  2. Open the Photos app
  3. Navigate to any area of the app where images and videos will be displayed in a grid - most notably the initial view of the Library tab or any album on the albums tab
  4. Locate by touch any image or video in the grid
  5. Perform a 1-finger flick right to move VoiceOver focus

You would expect VoiceOver focus to move to the next image or video in the grid.

What actually happens is that VoiceOver focus moves out of the grid.

  1. With VoiceOver focus now on a UI element located past the grid, perform a 1-finger flick to the left.

Based upon the previous behaviour, you would expect VoiceOver focus to move back to the image or video in the grid.

What typically happens is that VoiceOver focus will skip the grid.

This behaviour is also present after double tapping on the “Select” button, making the process of selecting multiple images or videos far more challenging than it should be.

Bug First Encountered

iOS/iPadOS 15.0

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