While using an NLS E-Readeror other display running Humanware firmware version 2.0, after pressing space with dots 1-7 to emulate the command key, it is no longer possible to follow this up with a letter such as command n



Please note. This problem is not present even under iOS 16.0 unless running a firmware version older than 2.1 of the braille display. In cases like the Humanware NLS E-Reader where there is currently no version 2.1, this problem still persists as outlined below.
With applications like mail and Notes where iOS allows for Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts, you can also emulate he command key on a braille display with space and dots 1-7. If you wish to create a new email, for example, you could thus press space with dots 1-7 followed by n to use this shortcut on a display. This does not impact users of the Mantis.

Steps to reproduce

Press the emulation keyboard command listed above followed by any of the letters involving the command. This happens when Humanware firmware version 2.0 is loaded on something that is paired to your iOS device. For Brailliant and Chameleon users, version 2.1 of the firmware addresses this issue, but the E-Reader was not developed with this updated firmware.

Bug First Encountered

iOS 16.0

Device(s) bug has been encountered on


How often the bug occurs



Manually navigate to the options you need without using these shortcuts.

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Fixed In

iOS/iPadOS 17.1



By Ekaj

1 year ago

Scott, thank you for posting this. I just got my e-reader last week and set it up earlier today. It's been ages since I used any sort of Braille display, but this is good info to know. I've just been reading through the Braille user guide which came in the box along with the device itself, and haven't done much if anything on said device.