Can typically not activate context menus on Dock items with the VO+Shift+M keyboard shortcut

VoiceOver Key Commands


The VoiceOver keyboard shortcut used to activate context menus typically does not work on Dock items.

  1. Use VO+D to move VoiceOver focus to the Dock.
  2. Use VO+ the left or right arrow key to move VoiceOver focus to the desired Dock item.
  3. Use the keyboard shortcut VO+Shift+M.

You would expect that this would activate the context menu for the selected Dock item.

On most occasions, what actually happens is that VoiceOver focus moves to the front open application.

On perhaps 1 in 10 occasions the context menu will activate as expected, but there appears to be no pattern to explain why it does work on these occasions.

Bug First Encountered

macOS 11.1

How often the bug occurs



With VoiceOver focus on the desired Dock item, use VO+Command+FN5 to move the mouse pointer to the location of VoiceOver focus (assuming that you do not have the pointer already configured to follow VoiceOver focus).

Whilst holding down the Control key, click the mouse button.

This should activate the context menu.

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Fixed In

macOS 11.3



By Manuel

2 years 9 months ago

I tried the workaround but the same issue occurs like pressing Vo+Shift.M...

By Kevin Shaw

2 years 9 months ago

I've confirmed this as well. Annoying. One additional workaround is to use the actions menu with VO-Command-space. Arrow down to Show menu and select the context specific option you want, however this is not consistent either.

By Alan

2 years 9 months ago

To make it work, turn trackpad commands off by pressing vo plus two fingers rotor gesture counter clockwise, then hold control and click on your trackpad. It will show the classic context menu for the items on the dock.
Edit and turn trackpad commands on again if you want to.

Thanks so much, Alan. I tried over and over again, and your tip finally clued me in. Control clicking the track pad only works if you turn off the commander first. Awesome. Super helpful.