Chirp for Twitter

Chirp for Twitter is the best way to use Twitter on your Apple Watch for free.

You can endlessly scroll through your timeline, catch up on trending, and keep up with your mentions. You can also read and reply to all of your direct messages!

Use lists? Chirp can do that do. Need to search for something (or someone) specific? Yep, Chirp does that as well.

Not only can you browse your timeline, but it's also incredibly feature packed! With videos, images, mentions, hashtags, and so much more, you'll be able to get through any boring meeting or school assembly with Chirp!




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This app works great with VoiceOver. As of version 2, every tweet now has custom actions, so swiping down on a tweet lets you quickly reply, like, retweet or view the author's profile. Tapping on a tweet will additionally let you follow any links to read articles or watch videos attached to a tweet as well as view the entire conversation.

Sometimes if you flick right from a tweet VoiceOver may just give you the error sound and not move to the next one, this seems to happen if a tweet contains a lot of images making it take up more than 1 screen. If this happens you can just use a 2-finger flick up to scroll the tweet the rest of the way and you should be able to continue navigating.

Other Comments: 

Hats off to Will for this update. When I initially tried the app out it had a lot of unlabeled buttons, and going from tweet to tweet was slow. A few days and Testflight builds later the app is a joy to use, and things have only gotten even better from here. The current versions of the app are even faster and let you compose tweets using the Flicktype keyboard which is much faster and more suddle than dictating them.

I would recommend Chirp to anyone who wants access to Twitter at any time, not just when notifications come in. This app will not be affected by the upcoming Twitter API changes as it does not use the streaming API. You will also still need the official Twitter app if you want to receive notifications on your watch.


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