2 related questions about traveling with my iPhone

I have an iPhone 5s with no gps apps installed on it, unless there's a gps app that comes with the phone that I'm not aware of.

I will be vacationing in Pensicola Florida in 2 weeks, and one of my questions is if I want to be alerted of any bad weather in the area that I'll be staying in do I need to add Pensicola to the weather app or will the phone automatically track me and know where I am even if there are no gps apps installed? And one more question on this subject, if I don't need to install any gps apps is there anything on the phone that I need to be sure is turned on so that the phone can track me?

And my other question, I'm not sure how I got there over the weekend but I found something on my phone that showed me things in my local area such as food, gas, shopping etc. What will I need to do to get the phone to show me those things in the area I'm vacationing in?




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The phone should automatically know where you are without you having to install any gps apps. You probably have location services enabled, and that is how the phone is able to track your location. You can check if location services is enabled by going to settings and clicking on privacy and enabling it if it isn't already. For gps, Siri can give you turn by turn directions. Also, if location services is enabled, you will be able to check the weather where ever you are by touching your battery icon on the top right corner of your screen and swiping down with three fingers. This brings up your notifications. You can flick right and weather should be in there. Also, Siri can give you a list of nearby restaurants and businesses.
Hope this helps.

thanks Molly

Thanks Molly, that helps a lot. I just need to check if location services is enabled, I don't remember ever turning it off so it probably is.

Food, gas, etc.

That is from Siri Suggestions. Swipe three fingers to the right from the first page of the home screen to get there.

Enjoy Pensacola

Hi Troy, I hope you have a nice time here in Pensacola. Our local TV station for weather info is Channel 3. I am at the Blind Services office. Call 850-484-5122 if I can help, Gail