4 on demand app

4 on demand app
This app is now inaccessible with voice over. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks


#1 I know it's not ideal, but if

I know it's not ideal, but if you have sky tv then you can use the sky plus app to access 4 on demand as well as BBC iplayer, ITV player and demand 5 for example. The RNIB worked with sky to develop the sky plus app so it's very accessible. HTH

#2 4 on demand

Thanks for the info but unfortunately I must be the only person in the country not to have sky smiley

#3 Itv player.

Apart from the BBC's Iplayer app, there does seem to be an alarming inaccessibility prevalent among the free to air broadcasters. That's disappointing about 4od Caroline, however, I do find their website is useable if there is something you really want to catch.

#4 Are channel 4 aware yet?

Has anyone written to channel 4 and explained that the accessibility has taken a backstep yet? I don't take in much tv content tbh, so don't think I used it before the change. If they don't know about it though, they definitely won't fix it.

One more person without Sky here, just sayin'.

#5 4 o d

Thanks Darren 12 if I know the name of the programme I can search for it with no problem however, if I want to find out what's been on on a particular day or the search throws up several episodes for a programme voice over doesn't read anything

#6 Thanks Scottsdale. I spoke to

Thanks Scottsdale. I spoke to channel 4 last year but nothing wwwas done about it, in fact the web site is now much worse. I'm going to contact them again this week

#7 4 OD

Hello Caroline,
I don't know about 4 OD but all of the free to air channels and a number of others are provided on an app called Tv Catch Up. I believe you can use VO to have a look at all these channels and get a small window of what is on at the moment and what is coming up to I believe one hour later. You can also watch the programmes on your device.
I use this one as the sound is not too bad and I can listen while doing other things. Be a little careful as it has the annoying problem of playing video/audio adverts and sometimes I have big problems with getting rid of them. However, there is a button although I find it difficult to find sometimes. I believe this app is a paid one but not much as I remember. It will not replace your 4 OD 'what's on' but it is ok if you've got nothing else. The added bonus though is you can listen to live tv.


#8 Thanks Steve, I often listen

Thanks Steve, I often listen to this

#9 4 o d

I've spoken to channel 4 and they are aware that voice over isn't working. 4 do is changing again at the end of the month and they seem to think v o will work then. I'll be back on the phone if it doesn't smiley. Here's hoping