Difficulty Creating an Apple ID

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Hello Peeps! new IOS user here, I'm trying to create my new apple ID but like others, I'm really having a hard time creating it. I filled up all the identity info form in the first and in the 2nd page, it ask for my payment method info, and since I don't have a credit card, I tried creating my apple ID by downloading a free app in appstore. again I successfully fill out the first page of info and luckly the 2nd page and finally it already gives me the non radio button option of filling in my payment info method but here's now the problem, after I press the done and next button it saids the session has timed out. for the last 5 days, I repeatedly did the process and having the same results guys please help me. sorry for my poor English grammar.



Submitted by Feliciano Godoy on Saturday, July 11, 2015

I had the same problem when creating someones apple id on their iPad mini 3 using Safari. I attempted 2 times with no luck. This was with iOS 8.3. I have not tried to create one with iOS 8.4 Apple needs to extend the time so it does not time out quickly.
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Submitted by raaj on Saturday, July 11, 2015

I'm not sure about the present trend. but if you are not having any credit or debit cards, you can check the checkbox none. and creat one ID yourself. If not, just try this way. click download or get a free app and while it is asking for your apple id, creat one and give none at that time. You can surely get success by this way I believe.