Accessibility and booking on United Airlines

On its site, United Airlines says that both its web application,, and its IOS app are fully accessible. I'm wondering if it is me or if their claim is wrong. I am using Safari and Voiceover on my Mac and Voiceover on my iPhone with the United app, and I find both relatively unusable. Buttons aren't labeled, navigation jumps around, selecting airports doesn't work well, the calendar is effectively impossible to navigate.
So my question to this group, are other finding this issue or am I doing something wrong.
Thanks for any feedback before I contact their accessibility hotline.


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Good morning Ray. I have first hand experience with trying to book a flight with United airlines, as well as trying to look up a friend's reservation. You are right, United claims their site and iOS app can be used with a screen reader. They are son wrong! I have tried to book flights on my phone with the app and using google crome on windows with jaws, that sight is very slow, and has unlabeled stuff all over the place. Recently, I found a good flight and tried to book it. Once the sight loaded in google crom, I was unable to navigate it without getting serious lag from jaws. After trying to book the same flight using the app, I had no choice but to book a flight with another airline. My advice is if you are planning on traveling, don't take United airlines.


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I would suggest you post that comment on Twitter. I bet you get a response then by telling people not to fly United.


I’ve had this issue. I just use travelocituy. Ive raised this issue with United.

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following up on what I said earlier, I have told united about the issue with voiceover on the IOS app with each update, and they keep giving me the same we passed your feeback on to our developing team. with each new update, I see no improvements. what I've done until they can get their act together in the voiceover department is book a united flight through the travelocity app. I can tell you all, that both travelocity and orbits are very accessible with voiceover.

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Right now there is a class cort case against them for not having accessibility for the blind in their web page or app.

Accessibility and booking on United Airlines

It is possible to book on United using windows with screen readers although sometimes I can admit it is a bit of a fight. I would use the word usable over accessible. I would have to check it out on my mac to see what others are reporting of it being not all that accessible. I have used certain features of the app such as tracking flights with no problem, but there may be inaccessible parts regarding the booking process on IOS with VoiceOver. To my knowledge they were paying testers via gift cards to check the accessibility of the site, but i am not aware of a major accessibility firm that has given them recommendations to make it accessible for all screen readers on windows, mac and with mobile devices.