Accessible Antivirus Software for the Mac


I do work with a lot of different people. Some of them use Windows, others use Mac. Do you have any great antivirus software that both can detect viruses related to Windows and Mac, so I can be sure that I do not get infected? I do also use Windows virtual machines in a few acations, but not quite often, but still I want to be protected and protect my friends as well if all possible.

Best regards Thomas


Clams av and antivirus express both for Mac

Hi. I use both antivirus express, I think it's free and clamsav which I know is free. Clams av has sounds to let you know when the scan is finished, antivirus you just leave alone for ages. :) also I'd recommend clean my mac, It's a twenty dollar program that will get rid of everything from old files, to attachments, to even helping shred things thereby bypassing your trash folder. I haven't used that shredder one, and the clean my mac is pretty accessible. @ke7zum recomended it to me, glad she did. Hope these helped. I can't speak as to if they kill windows viruses, but I haven't used windows isnce seven and that was ages ago.



Thank you so much for the suggestions. I've looked at clamsav years ago, but it is not in the App store anymore in Denmark. Do you know where I can get it?

Best regards Thomas

Clams av

Hi, from what I know Clams av is no longer free.

Sharon, are you in the U.s.?

Hi Sharon I think I got that right. I got it free on the U.s. app store. Maybe you should look there, if you use a Mac? Sorry Tomas I can't help with finding it, best bet would be google it. :)


Yeah, your best option is to try googling it and see what comes up. I can't speak for Denmark, but it is free in US. I also use Virus barrier plus, which at las t time of purchasing was around $9.00, and it seems to work well.

FOr Justin

Hi Justin!

Do you know if that program can detect bad stuff related to Windows software stored on external hardddrives? If the program is accessible and can do that I'll be happy to pay for it.

Clamxav is no longer free and

Clamxav is no longer free and it's been pulled from the mac app store. It is now $30 or so. I would use avast. it's accessible and malware bytes also works on mac as well.

Avast antivirus and Malwarebytes


Thanks for these suggestions. Installed them both, and they are very nice and accessible. However Malwarebytes did not take more than a few seconds to scan my computer, so perhaps I need to configure something... But thanks for Avast, it will remain on my system just in case. :-)

Best regards Thomas

Wish they hadn't pulled clamsav

Hi Ke7 thanks for that I didn't realize they pulled it.I'll go get avast now. As for malware bytes, I used it to get rid of a problem I had, and you're right, it doesn't take long to scan. I don't think you need to configure anything, glad we could help.

is avast, not free?

Hi. I know I just posted, but i got rid of clamsav, shame because I did like the sounds when you were done being scanned. Anyway I put avast into the search box of the mac app store and got bit medic 29.99 does this sound right? Thanks for any help. I wasn't really needing to spend thirty bucks.

Nope it is not in the mac

Nope it is not in the mac app store. Well the business version probably is but yeah. I can't remember where I got it but googling should help.

AVast and reading the shield popups


Has anyone figured out how to read the popups the shields can do from time to time it states that it blocked an infection, but I can't get any info on which file it was, and how I can handle it.

Please be aware that Avast is a good scanner, but it can actually discover false positives, so be a little sceptical if it says something is virus or anything else.

I just move it to the chest

I just move it to the chest and view them later. . Not much help but I did this when I had avast 10 years ago.

Current Accessible Antivirus/Antimalware Software

Hello, everyone.

I try to exercise extreme caution when on the net, but recently, my antivirus/antimalware software, ClamXAV Version 3., detected a trojan version of Adobe Flash Player. Although many users do not use protection software, I have read in responsible quarters that threats to the Mac OS are increasing, which prompts me to ask which antimalware packages are truly VoiceOver-accessible.

ClamXAV is quite accessible although buttons sometimes lack labels. How accessible is Sophos? Avast? Bitdefender?

Thank you for all help.


I've got an antivirus app

I've got an antivirus app called antivirus zap, virus and malware I think it's called. It's usable, most of the buttons are unlabeled, but have text below them that tells you what they do. Besides the unlabelled buttons, the app is easy to use and works well.

bit defendor and Sophos

bit defendor is fully accessible. I know Sophos is accessible, i'm just not sure how much but it look to be