Accessible Blogging Apps For iOS Voiceover And Braille Display Users

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Hi there everyone. Does anyone know about an app on the App Store that is accessible for doing blogging with Voiceover and a Braille Display? Or does anyone have an idea of a browser that might be a good decision for doing this or would you recommend doing this on a Mac?



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yes, you can certainly use Wordpress.
its accessible to All platforms.
they are doing good job with accessibility.

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Hi there. I think Wordpress currently did an update and unforutunately they have broken their accessibility. So did you try it in a specific Browser that you would recommend or an app that you would remommend using?

no, but

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let me check it and let you know soon.
do you want me to check on Mac and iPhone?

Yes please.

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Yes please that would be very very polite of you.


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give me a few hours. if I'll not have time today, I'll do it tomorrow.


Byword is a fantastically accessible app. You create your post using markdown, these means you can do all the formatting by just typing in commands, so no need to select text and then format. Very accessible way to create blog posts.

The best thing is you create the original document and you can export as HTML, PDF, RTF or post to lots of different blogging platforms. It even has an app for macOS too.

Byword is ausome.


I also think Byword is your best option. I use Byword as my main text editor. I write blog posts, and I have also written reports as well.

Blogging on iOS

Wordpress is fully accessible, the app is great as well

Writing in the Wordpress Editor

I primarily use wordpress for editing (or I paste a word document into it and add formatting later). I’ve found it to be very accessible, especially with a Braille display.

Does anyone know if the WP editor in the app supports Markdown? I hardly ever use the actual web editor as the iOS app editor is much more simple to use.


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Where can I go to learn more about markdown in iOS documents? Thanks.

using a blog as a private journal?

Hi all, I was wondering if I could use a blogging service such as word press for an online diary? What I want to do is write blog entries, but then mark them as private so I can be the only one who can read them.

Markdown on WordPress

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Yes, you can use Markdown on a WordPress blog, but only if you’ve turned it on in the settings in the WordPress web interface. I don’t think that setting can be changed from within the app.